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    DH: Anthony James Pieper "Tony"
    DW: Cecilia Libby *McMahon* Pieper

    DS: Mason Reed Pieper
    DD/DD: Elena Reese Pieper /Raina Maris Pieper
    DD/DD/DS: Keely Susannah Pieper/Stella Magdalene Pieper/Jonas Gideon Pieper
    DS/DS/DD/DD: Dallas Calloway Pieper/Denver Harrison Pieper/Dakota Presley Pieper/Devon Alannah Pieper
    DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Sebastian Charles Pieper/Phineas Edward Pieper/Matilda Louise Pieper/Genevieve Olivia Pieper/Eleanor Sarah Pieper
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Edie Georgia Pieper/Isla Adelaide Pieper/Lulu Isabella Pieper/Romy Sophia Pieper/June Charlotte Pieper/Iris Matilda Pieper

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    DH: Reid Rosenthal
    DW: Amelia Poppy Rosenthal (Emme)
    DS1: Carter Flynn Rosenthal
    DS2/DS3: William West Rosenthal & Jacob Brooks Rosenthal (Liam & Jake)
    DS4/DD1/DD2: Dean Samson Rosenthal, Stella Eve Rosenthal & Juliet Lydia Rosenthal
    DS5/DS6/DD3/DD4: Trenton Louis Rosenthal (Trent), Jordan Calloway Rosenthal , Savannah Joss Rosenthal (Savvy) & Madison Pearl Rosenthal (Maddie)
    DD5/DD6/DD7/DD8/DD9: Cora Alice Rosenthal, Ruby Katherine Rosenthal, Grace Emma Rosenthal, Olivia Caroline Rosenthal & Violet Isabel Rosenthal
    DD10/DD11/DD12/DD13/DS7/DS8: Annabel Sofia Rosenthal (Annie), Delilah Esme Rosenthal, Georgia Piper Rosenthal (GiGi), Scarlett Matilda Rosenthal, Theo Jackson Rosenthal & Asher Henry Rosenthal

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    Hubby: Edward Swiderski "Ed"
    Wife: Amelia Violet "Mia"

    Birth 1: Singleton
    Boy: Tyler Adam "Ty"

    Birth 2: Twins
    Boy: Brady Tyson
    Boy: Collin Troy

    Birth 3: Triplets
    Boy: Marcus Elijah
    Boy: Mason Ezra
    Girl: Matisse Eve "Mati"

    Birth 4: Quads
    Girl: Brooklyn Macy "Brooke"
    Boy: Austin Cole
    Boy: Aspen Miles
    Boy: Boston Cale

    Birth 5: Quints
    Girl: Adelaide Sarah "Ella"
    Girl: Cora Emily
    Girl: Genevieve Katherine "Genna"
    Girl: Josephine Isabel "Josie"
    Girl: Olivia Charlotte "Liv"

    Birth 6: Sextuplets
    Girl: Isla Matilda
    Girl: Piper Sofia
    Boy: Hudson Beckett
    Girl: Ruby Esmé
    Boy: August Ryder "Gus"
    Girl: Scarlett Georgia "Carlie"

    The Family
    Ed & Mia
    Ty (11)
    Brady & Collin (10)
    Marcus/Mason & Mati (8)
    Brooke/Austin/Aspen & Boston (5)
    Ella/Cora/Genna/Josie & Liv (3)
    Isla/Piper/Hudson/Ruby/Gus & Carlie (NB)

    10 Boys + 11 Girls = 21 Kids under 11!

    P.S. Have you ever named a family and then fallen in love with the sibset?? This is mine! (:

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