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    United States
    Olive Penelope, Zoe Matilda, Frances Tabitha, Greta Clementine & Marcy Gwendolyn
    Roland Gareth, Ezra Llewyn, Nathan Eldridge, Arthur Hamish & Wyatt Milo

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    DH: Nicholas Daniel Peterson
    DW: Amelia Lilac Peterson

    Birth 1
    DS: Sawyer Adam

    Birth 2.
    DD/DS: Leah Asante & Tyler Colt

    Birth 3.
    DS/DS/DD: Cody Elijah & Jesse Isaac & Stella Phoebe

    Birth 4.
    DD/DS/DS/DS: Sienna Presley & Jordan Denver & Austin Crsoby & Camden Miles

    Birth 5.
    DS/DD/DS/DD/DS: Caleb Andrew & Eliza Margaret & Emmett William & Matilda Katherine & Silas James

    Birth 6.
    DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Kai Ryder & Asher Holden & Sebastian Oscar & Delilah Charlotte & Sadie Isabella & Piper Ava

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    DH: Edward Hunter Swiderski "Ed"
    DW: Colette Finley Swiderski
    DD: Harper Scarlett Swiderski
    DD/DD: Vivian Reese Swiderski and Elena Tai Swiderski
    DS/DS/DD: Milo Asher Swiderski, Hugo Levi Swiderski, and Stella Eve Swiderski
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Eden Vega Swiderski, Georgia Everly Swiderski, Virginia Avril Swiderski "Ginny", and Chelsea Etta Swiderski
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD: Miranda Charlotte Swiderski, June Elizabeth Swiderski, Clara Jane Swiderski, Violet Emma Swiderski, and Alice Theresa Swiderski
    DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Magnus Henry Swiderski, Hudson Beckett Swiderski, Dexter Holden Swiderski, Olive Esmé Swiderski, Isla Grace Swiderski, and Ruby Olivia Swiderski "Rue"

    Ed and Colette Swiderski and their children; Harper, Vivian, Elena, Milo, Hugo, Stella, Eden, Georgia, Ginny, Chelsea, Miranda, June, Clara, Violet, Alice, Magnus, Hudson, Dexter, Olive, Isla and Rue.
    Names I love right now:
    Arthur - George - Henry - Jack - Edmund
    Matilda - Sophie - Blythe - Sybil - Jane

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