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    The Name Change Game

    Okay, so the game consists of

    Your name

    Do you like it?

    And if you could change it what would it be?

    And the next person on the thread has to choose which one they like best out of the two.

    I'll start

    My name is Daisy

    I like it, a little

    If I could change it, it would be Alexa

    Daisy or Alexa

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    My name is Anita.

    I like it, it suits me. But in middle school it was an easy target for teasing as it sounds like I Need A...

    If I could change it, I would choose Nina.

    Anita or Nina?

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    My name is Jordan. I like it, but it's kind of boy-ish. If I could change it, it would be Emma.

    Jordan or Emma?

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    My name is Adelaide I think it sounds nice but I'm not too crazy about place names.

    If I could change my name, I'd choose the name Valentina.

    Adelaide or Valentina?

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    My name is Tara. I don't mind it, as I haven't ever met another Tara before. If I could change my name, I'd choose Kate.

    Tara or Kate?
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