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Thread: Celine/Selene

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    What do you think of Celine/Selene? What spelling do you prefer? I like it more or some days, and then other days all I can think of is Celine Dion or saline, or prefer Selena. But I think it's a really pretty name overall, I would love to see it used more!
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    I don't mind Celine. I prefer it with a C than the Selene spelling because I think it gets dangerously close to saline like you mentioned. I think its a nice way to get a unique sound that still seems familiar to people.

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    I prefer the Selene spelling in looks, but I prefer the meaning of Celine over Selene. The latter refers to an ancient goddess, the former refers to heaven. However it's spelled, I love it. It sounds dainty and twinkly and pretty. Celine was on our list--our top choice for a while actually--but an unfortunate personal incident has knocked it right off our list. I still love it for someone else, though, and think it would be beautiful on a baby, child, teen, adult, all the way on up through life. It would make a wonderful choice.

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    Celine has too much of a Celine Dion association for me. But I also don't like the look of Selene. I think Selena is the best option out of the 3.

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    I prefer Celine as a first name (though the Celine Dion association is pretty heavy), and Selene as a middle name.
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