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Thread: Chance BNG

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    Your name- Charlotte Elizabeth Holden

    Your husband’s name- Emmett Brooks Holden

    Your first pregnancy- (G/B) Emerson Maya Holden nn Emmy and Austen Bronte

    Your second pregnancy- (B/B/G) Marco Xavier and Luis Antonio and Camila Bianca nn Cami

    Your third pregnancy- (B) August Adrian nn Gus

    Your fourth pregnancy- (G/G) Eleanor Margeret nn Ellie and Anna Caroline

    Emmy, Austen, Marco, Luis, Cami, Gus, Ellie, Anna

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    Last Name: O'Reilly

    My Name: Rhiannon Iris
    Husband's Name: William Louis

    DD: Matilda Bridget
    DS/DS/DD: Xavier Luis, Leonardo Cristian and Penelope Ana
    DS: August Carson
    DS/DD: Michael Gabriel and Evangeline Laila

    Rhiannon and Will

    Tillie, Xavier, Leo, Nellie, August, Michael and Eve
    Just an 19 year old girl who loves thinking about baby names and watching TV

    Show I am currently watching... Friday Night Lights

    Names from the show I like...

    Eric, Taylor, Matthew "Matt", Landry, Clarke, Timothy "Tim", Billy, Riggins, Jason, Street, Brian, Luke, Cafferty, Vince, Howard, Hastings, Ruckle, Buddy & Garrity

    Tami, Julie, Gracie, Belle, Tyra, Lyla, Jess, Merriweather, Lorraine, Shelby, Mindy & Becky

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