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    nowhere special

    Chance BNG, All GIRLS

    Parents are your choice!

    DD 1
    FN: What did you have for breakfast?
    Coffee/Tea- Bernadette or Adelaide
    Eggs- Katrina or Jamie
    Pancakes/Waffles- Louise or Carter
    Cereal/Oatmeal- Olive or Paisley
    Granola Bar- Hadley or Gabriela
    Other- Claire or Alice
    Nothing- Saorise or Layla

    MN: How old are you?
    Under 18- Jess or Carlotta
    19 to 25- Nicole or Janelle
    26 to 30- Mackenzie or Esther
    31 to 40- Harriet or Alma
    41 to 50- Joy or Diane
    51 to 60- Emma or Wanda
    Over 60- Laura or Katherine

    DD 2
    FN: All hair is gorgeous, so what kind do you have?
    Wavy- Delilah or Elise
    Straight- Josephine or Ava
    Curly- Stella or Annabel
    Relaxed- Jordan or Tessa
    Kinky- Mallory or Rose

    MN: What's your favorite type of jewelry?
    Earrings- Ursula or Lillian
    Rings- Vanessa or Hayden
    Bracelets- Gretchen or Amber
    Necklaces- Xanthe or Danielle
    Anklets- Jasmine or Inez
    None- Hailey or Evelyn

    DD 3
    FN- When you were young, what was your favorite game?
    Hopscotch- Cassandra or Bethany
    Hide and Seek- Fiona or Zoe
    Jump rope- Quinn or Rebecca
    Freeze Dance- Cameron or Grace
    Tag- Adrienne or Jemima
    Board Games- Elizabeth or Margot
    None- Poppy or Madeline

    MN- What is your favorite boy's name, out of the list below?
    Eric- Savannah or Gloria
    Aidan- Jordan or Faith
    William- Monet or Harriet
    Phoenix- Aubrey or Giselle
    Grant- Anastasia or Naomi
    Dean- Melody or Ophelia
    Jasper- Candace or Penelope

    DD 4
    FN- I'm running out of questions, so Fairies or Mermaids?
    Fairies- Gwyneth or Willow
    Mermaids- Aurora or Maisie

    MN- What month were you born in?
    January/February- Phoebe or Kiley
    March/April- Anna or Calliope
    May/June- Marley or Alexandria
    July/August- Stephanie or Denise
    September/October- Lydia or Margaret
    November/December- Eve or Elodie

    DD 5
    FN- What would be your ideal vacation?
    Roadtrip- Camilla or Bryony
    Ski Resort- Mara or Laurel
    Luxury Beach Vacation- Selena or Renee
    Visiting family- Daisy or Beatrix
    A Safari- Pandora or Heidi
    Other- Maya or Dixie

    MN- What kind of shoes are you wearing?
    Boots- Lorelei or Ramona
    Ballet Flats- Cora or Wendy
    Sneakers- Paige or Felicity
    Heels- Sophia or Jocelyn
    Sandals- Hannah or Avery
    Flipflops- Juliana or Ambrose
    Other- Brooke or Trinity
    None- Elliot or Clarissa

    Hope you liked it!

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    nowhere special
    DH: Scott Mitchel
    DW: Angelina Piper

    DD: Claire Carlotta (11)
    DD: Stella Xanthe (8)
    DD: Zoe Candace (7)
    DD: Aurora Margaret (5)
    DD: Camilla Elliot "Milla" (2)

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    DD1: Alice Nicole
    DD2: Ava Danielle
    DD3: Poppy Harriet
    DD4: Willow Anna
    DD5: Maya Brooke
    Tasha. 21. Brit. Name Geek.

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    17|Writer|Competitive Dancer|Class of 2017

    Iris Matilda|Maeve Artemis|Juno Delilah|Aurora Isobel|Thalia Noor
    Sabrina Fleur|Calista Soleil|Kaia Eloise|Nola Xanthe|Saela Vesper
    Reyna Elspeth|Nava Simona|Emmeline Lily|Viola Esme|Lucia Briar
    August Laurence|Magnus Jacoby|Lachlan Sage|Conrad Emory|Archer Murray
    Flynn Alexander|Fabian James|Torin Elliot|Nolan Shepherd|Rory Xavier
    Dashiell Grey|Memphis ?|Nico ?|Felix ?|Percy ?|

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    DD → Alice Carlotta
    DD → Delilah Lillian
    DD → Fiona Ophelia
    DD → Aurora Margaret
    DD → Maya Clarissa
    Katriona ✗ Amelia ✗ Holland ✗ Violet ✗ Marlow ✗ Annora ✗ Avalon ✗ Elvira✗ Elsa ✗ Fiona
    Nickolas ✗ Leo ✗ Silas ✗ Benjamin ✗ Finnian ✗ Lachlan ✗ Riordan ✗ Ezra ✗ Lincoln

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