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    A middle name for Nora...

    Hi! My husband and I are expecting our third baby in March. We are set on Ezra Finnegan for a boy. For a girl we are set on Nora. We agree that we want to give her a middle name that will honor my grandmother who passed away in December. Her middle name was Frances....So, should it be:

    Nora Frances
    Nora Francesca
    Nora Francesca-Rose ??

    My other daughters are Ivy Zofia and Eden Fiona so I threw the Rose in there to keep the nature theme going. Any other suggestions?


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    I love love love Nora Francesca! So beautiful and sophisticated. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Nora Francesca is perfect! Usually I would go against names having the same endings, but in this case Nora Francesca works wonderfully! Plus, then all of your kids will have two syllable first names and three syllable middles.
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    I like Nora Frances best out of your choices, there is a simplicity, beauty and sophistication to it.

    As for other suggestions I also like Nora Lee only because I'm a big fan of Wilco and folk music in general, there's a song they recorded with Billy Bragg of Woody Guthries lyrics called "Hesitating Beauty" about a girl named Nora Lee. It's so happy and sweet, makes me think of a beautiful, sweet, ethereal young girl.

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    I like Nora Francesca - that's a gorgeous combination.
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