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    Challenge Yourself – RULES Generation CAF

    There are two families here. The bolded family unit is the same in both families, because these are based off of my paternal grandparents lineage, and maternal grandparents lineage, respectively. Use the clues to name them!

    LN: A popular TV Show
    DH (Deceased): FN A city in Indiana, MN an old man name beginning with E
    DW (69): FN Very catholic, MN A blue-sounding name (Maiden Name: A male’s first name beginning with E)

    DS(50): FN very foxlike, MN is a longer form of Al
    DW(52) FN is one of Sandra Bullock’s characters, MN is your choice (Maiden Name: Starts with W)
    -DS(25) FN is in the Bible, MN is same as father’s above
    +DW(25) FN is very Catholic, MN is your choice (Maiden Name: Very Slovakian)
    --DS(3) FN is unigender, MN is same as father’s
    --DS(1) FN is the name of a film director, MN is classic and begins with T
    -DD(22): FN is a common name spelled uncommonly, MN is same as grandmother’s above (blue)
    -DD(19): FN is from literature, MN is a very common 80s name for girls.

    DS(47): Same FN as Father above, MN a shortened form of a longer name
    DW(43): FN is angelic, MN is 1 syllable ending in E. (Maiden Name: A male first name beginning with R)
    -DD(24): FN played off of mother’s MN, MN an invented name
    +DF(22) FN common & Biblical, MN begins with M. (LN: Very Finnish)

    DS(43): FN a vintage television husband, MN your choice
    DW(35): FN A common 80s name for girls, MN your choice (Maiden Name: A man’s name beginning with N)

    LN: The man’s name beginning with R from bold maiden name above
    DH (Deceased): FN begins with G, MN your choice
    DW (Deceased): FN an old lady name, MN your choice (Maiden Name: Begins with M)

    DS(54): FN & MN Same as father above
    DW (54): FN One syllable, MN your choice (Maiden name: Begins with T)
    -DS(29): FN Common boy’s name in 80s, beginning with A. MN: Biblical
    --DD(9): FN Begins with a vowel, MN: Your choice

    DS(50): FN: 2 syllables with 1 syllable nickname, MN: Begins with L
    DW(48): FN: Very 70s first name for women, MN: Similar to husband’s (Maiden Name: Odd name beginning with R)

    DD(46): FN Incorporates “anne” or “anna” MN: A word name
    DH(50): FN is a proper first name with casual nickname, MN is old man name starting in H (LN: A male first name beginning with G)
    -DS(28): FN Biblical beginning in J, MN starts with L, same as uncle (DS50) above
    +DF(20) FN Common 90s first name beginning with A, MN Beginning with M or N (LN: Your choice)
    -DD(26): FN Valley girl name, MN starting with M
    --DS(7): FN Brave name, MN same as grandfather’s above (DH50)
    --DS(3): FN Rebel name, MN modern, invented name beginning in M
    --DD(1): FN begins with A, very femme, MN is a flower
    -DS(22): FN is an athlete’s name, MN is unigender but more popularly male

    DD(43): From previous family
    DH(46): (LN From previous family
    -DD(24): From previous family
    +DF(22): From previous family

    DD(41): FN a 90s sitcom daughter, MN your choice
    DH(43): FN beginning with S, MN your choice (LN: Long, starting with B)
    -DS(22): FN Variation of father’s above, MN a 90s sitcom son
    -DS(20): FN Unigender and more feminine, MN your choice
    -DS(16): FN Beginning in an odd letter such a Q,X,Z, MN your choice

    DS(39): FN is a country name, MN starts with R
    DW(36): FN is ultra feminine, MN is your choice (Maiden Name: variation of male beginning in R)
    -DD(21): FN begins with B, MN is a place name
    -DD(18): FN is very 90s, MN begins with N
    --DD(6m): FN is a very elaborate, long, feminine name, MN is great grandmother’s maiden name (maiden name from “deceased DW” above
    -DS(14): FN is ultra biblical, middle name is same as father’s
    -DD(13): FN is a long form of Katy and middle name is grandmother’s first name from above (deceased DW fn)
    -DD(10): FN is a color name, MN is your choice

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    None of these are true

    Hammond Edison, now deceased, & Maria Azure Castle (Edwin), had three boys in the 60s; Sly Alvin, Hammond Pete & Ricky Marvin.
    Sly and his wife Gracie Louise (Warren) Castle had three children in the late 80s and 90s; Jonah Alvin, Emalee Azure & Jane Jennifer Castle. Jonah is now married to Ava Christine Nowak. The two have two sons, 3 year old Harper Alvin and 1 year old Martin Timothy.
    Hammond Jr. and his wife Noelle May (Russell) Castle had one daughter in 1990, whose name is Mayella Ledara Castle. She is engaged to be married, in March, to Matthew Morris Halenstaad.
    Ricky is married to Lisa June Newton. The two do not have children.
    Graham Reynolds Russell and his wife Gladys Joy (March) Russell are now both deceased. They leave behind 6 children and a swarm of grandchildren. Their six children are Graham Reynolds Jr., Marcus *Marc*Louis, Annabel Hope, Noelle May, Rebecca Lynn and Harlan Roy.
    Graham Reynolds Russell Jr. is married to Rose Heather Townsend. The two have one adult son named Adam Michael and he has a 9 year old daughter named Emmeline Shea.
    Marc is married to Donna Louise (Radnick) Russell. The two have no children.

    Annabel Hope is married to Robert * Bob * Garrett. The Garretts have 3 adult children named Joseph Louis, Melissa Mae, and Marshall Tate. Joseph is engaged to be married to Amber Natalie Douglas. Melissa is unmarried but has three children, Valor Robert, Harley Maxen, and Arabella Juniper. Marshall Tate is unmarried and about to enter the military.

    Noelle May is married to Hammond Pete Castle. The two have one daughter Mayella Ledara who will marry Matthew Morris Halenstaad in March.

    Rebecca Lynn is married to Sullivan Gabriel Breckenridge. The two have three teen and adult sons named Sully Eric, Jesse Calvin, and Quaid Milo.
    Harlan Roy is married to Francesca Lynne Rogers. The two have 5 children named Brenna Milan, Christa Nadine, Paul Roy, Kathryn Gladys, and Ruby Jane. Christa has a 6 month old daughter named Elizabella March

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    LN: Dallas
    DH (deceased): Jasper Edwin
    DW (69): Mary Sky Edward

    DS(50): Rennard Albert "Ren"
    DW(52): Ryan Wallis Wright
    -DS(25): Ezra Albert
    +DW(25): Agnes Willow Novak
    --DS(3): Kelly Albert
    --DS(1): Orson Thomas
    -DD(22): Ennie Sky
    -DD(19): Eloise Megan

    DS(47): Jasper Alexis
    DW(43): Celeste Eve Russell
    -DD(24): Evelyn Anice
    +DF(22): James Marten Saari

    DS(43): Marshall Alden
    DW(35): Christina Louise Neville

    LN: Russell
    DH (Deceased): Graham Philip
    DW (Deceased): Marjorie Daphne Myers

    DS(54): Graham Philip
    DW (54): May Adelaide Thomas
    -DS(29): Christopher Luke
    --DD(9): Ivy Lucinda

    DS(50): Charles Layton "Chuck"
    DW(48): Dawn Charlotte Rippleton

    DD(46): Annabel Rose
    DH(50): Nicholas Harold Garrett "Nick"
    -DS(28): Jonas Layton
    +DF(20): Andrew Nathaniel Barnes
    -DD(26): Holly Meredith
    --DS(7): Amos Harold
    --DS(3): Ace Mitcham
    --DD(1): Ann Bluebell
    -DS(22): Brooks Parker

    DD(43): Celeste Eve
    DH(46): Jasper Alexis
    -DD(24): Evelyn Anice
    +DF(22): James Marten Saari

    DD(41): Vivian Faye
    DH(43): Séamus Cormac Breckenridge
    -DS(22): Seamus Brendan
    -DS(20): Kelly Angus
    -DS(16): Quinlan Rory

    DS(39): Jordan Robert
    DW(36): Ada Josephine Robin
    -DD(21): Bridget Florence
    -DD(18): Emily Natalia
    --DD(6m): Leonora Myers
    -DS(14): Gideon Robert
    -DD(13): Katherine Marjorie
    -DD(10): Sienna Daphne

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    LN: Sherlock
    DH (Deceased): Lawrence Ephraim
    DW (69): Mary-Anne Lapis Edison

    DS(50): Felix Alexander
    DW(52) Lucy Cordelia Waugh
    -DS(25) Ezra Alexander
    +DW(25) Delilah Belle Reznik
    --DS(3) Quinn Alexander
    --DS(1) James Thomas
    -DD(22): Elisabeth Lapis
    -DD(19): Hermione Melissa

    DS(47): Lawrence Jack
    DW(43): Gabriella Tate Russell
    -DD(24): Tatiana Katserine
    +DF(22): Luke Matthias Vanhannen

    DS(43): Richard Maximilian
    DW(35): Amy Eloise Norris

    LN: Russell
    DH (Deceased): Gabriel Edward
    DW (Deceased): Hattie Ramona Mulligan

    DS(54): Gabriel Edward
    DW (54): June Erica Tanner
    -DS(29): Adrian Isaac
    --DD(9): Elowen Rae

    DS(50): Willem Lachlan "Will"
    DW(48): Sandra Willa Rebecchi

    DD(46): Julianne Skye
    DH(50): Albert Hugh
    -DS(28): James Lachlan
    +DF(20) Alicia Marin Sheridan
    -DD(26): Holly Maeve
    --DS(7): Valor Hugh
    --DS(3): Jett Mattin
    --DD(1): Arabella Lily
    -DS(22): Michael Riley

    DD(43): Lawrence Jack
    DH(46): Gabriella Tate Russell
    -DD(24): Tatiana Katserine
    +DF(22): Luke Matthias Vanhennan

    DD(41): Stephanie Iris
    DH(43): Sawyer David Bellamy
    -DS(22): Samuel Jesse
    -DS(20): Alexis Vivienne
    -DS(16): Xander Evan

    DS(39): Jordan Robert
    DW(36): Isadora Elise Raymonde
    -DD(21): Beth Adelaide
    -DD(18): Jessica Nephele
    --DD(6m): Cordelia Mulligan
    -DS(14): Isaiah Robert
    -DD(13): Katarina Hattie
    -DD(10): Scarlett Wren
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    Fabian. Lysander . Dashiell. Cricket.

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    DH (Deceased): Wayne Eleazar Brady.
    DW (69): Mary Lapis Brady (Edwards).

    DS(50): Russell Alfred Brady.
    DW(52): Sarah Elizabeth Brady (Wagner).
    -DS(25) Noah Russell Brady.
    +DW(25) Eve Catherine Brady (Banik).
    --DS(3) Bailey Noah Brady.
    --DS(1) Quentin Theodore Brady.
    -DD(22): Izabelle Lapis Brady.
    -DD(19): Charlotte Jennifer Brady.

    [B]DS(47): Wayne Charlie Brady.
    DW(43): Angeline Elle Brady (Richards).
    -DD(24): Ella Mascarpone Brady.
    +DF(22) Joseph Michael Aalto.

    DS(43): Ricky Alexander Brady.
    DW(35): Amanda Marie Brady (Noel).

    DH (Deceased): George Matthew Richards, Sr.
    DW (Deceased): Beatrice Evangeline Richards (Montague).

    DS(54): George Matthew Richards, Jr.
    DW (54): Rose Bernice Richards (Taft).
    -DS(29): Andrew Adam Richards.
    --DD(9): Amelia Frances Richards.

    DS(50): Stephen Leander "Steve" Richards.
    DW(48): Kimberly Leona Richards (Ramsay).

    DD(46): Johanna Crystal Graham (Richards).
    DH(50): Nicholas Henry "Nick" Graham.
    -DS(28): Jacob Leander Graham.
    +DF(20) Ashley Nicole Pompeo.
    -DD(26): Paige Michelle Graham.
    --DS(7): Adalhard Henry Graham.
    --DS(3): Ace Montagel Graham.
    --DD(1): Aurora Lily Graham.
    -DS(22): Thomas James Graham.

    DD(43): Angeline Elle Brady (Richards).
    DH(46): Wayne Charlie Brady.
    -DD(24): Ella Mascarpone Brady.
    +DF(22): Joseph Michael Aalto.

    DD(41): Tia Katherine Beauregard (Brady).
    DH(43): Sebastian John Beauregard.
    -DS(22): Bastian Cory Beauregard.
    -DS(20): Finley Leonardo Beauregard.
    -DS(16): Zachary Edward Beauregard.

    DS(39): Jordan Robert Richards.
    DW(36): Isabella Rosemarie Richards (Robertson).
    -DD(21): Brianna Dallas Richards.
    -DD(18): Jessica Noelle Richards.
    --DD(6m): Euphemia Evangeline Richards.
    -DS(14): Jonah Robert Richards.
    -DD(13): Kaitlin Beatrice Richards.
    -DD(10): Hazel Gabrielle Richards.

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