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    Names I love right now:
    Arthur - George - Henry - Jack - Edmund
    Matilda - Sophie - Blythe - Sybil - Jane

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    1. Three boys- D.W, J.H and C.J

    Dara William, Jeremiah Henry and Charles John
    2. Three girls- K.M., M.I and S.L
    Keira Margaret, Mabel Isadora and Susannah Lily
    3. Five kids (you choose the genders)- Z.C.,E.M,L.B,R.N.,& P.A
    Zadie Chiara, Eilidh Maeve, Luce Benedict, Ralph Neville and Patrick Arthur
    4. Sextuplets- three boys three girls- G.F,N.L,B.I,H.S,C.R & A.V
    George Frederick, Nora Lilibet, Bridget Iva, Harry Samuel, Christiana Robyn and Alfred Vaughn
    5. Two kids- one boy and one girl- V.S AND F.K
    Vincent Seth and Frederica Kate
    6. One kid (you choose the gender)- P.J
    Patrick James

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    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    1. Three boys- Donovan Westley, Jackson Harris and Cameron James (Don, Jack & Cam)
    2. Three girls- Katherine Madeline, Margaret Isobel and Susannah Lydia (Kitty, Margo & Susie)
    3. Five kids (you choose the genders)- Zachary Carter, Everly Maeve, Lorelei Bryn, Regina Natalia & Patterson Andrew (Zach, Ever, Lori, Gina & Pat)
    4. Sextuplets- three boys three girls- Gregory Flynn, Nathanial Lincoln, Bethany Ivy, Hilary Sage, Cassandra Rose & Arthur Vincent (Greg, Nate, Beth, Hils, Cassie & Artie)
    5. Two kids- one boy and one girl- Vaughn Samuel AND Fayleigh Kate (V & Faye)
    6. One kid (you choose the gender)- Penrose Josephine (Penny)
    Number 1 Aunty to one adorable ray of sunshine Rosalee Jillian 'Rosie'/'Roe'
    Cousin & Godmother to the delightful Erica Marisol 'Eri'/'Ricki'
    & Godmother to Sadie Bryn 'Bean' & honorary aunt to Molly Maeve Tuesday 'Molly Dolly'!

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