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    Middle Name Help!

    If our 4th is a boy he will be Marcus, but we are not agreeing on a middle name. I like Alexander my DH likes Arnold after his grandpa, although I loved his grandpa I don't love the name. Which do you like best?? Our last name is Olson... Other MN suggestions??? His big sisters are Madelyn Jo, Alayna Grey and Clayre Rylee

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    Marcus is handsome! I really like it with Madelyn, Alayna, and Clayre. I like Marcus Alexander a lot, but I do love that Arnold would be honoring. I also love the French form, Arnaud--would you consider that? I think Marcus Arnaud (ar-NOD) would be really distinguished and handsome.

    Good luck!
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    Ashley you are to great! I love Arnaud... my maiden name is french, that may be nice..will have to see what my DH thinks

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    Marcus is lovely, pretty similar to one of my favourites, Marius. With that in mind, the middle name I have on my list for Marius is Alexander. On the other hand, Arnold does honor family, which is a definite plus. I like ashthedreamer's suggestion of Arnaud. Marcus Arnaud sounds sophisticated and handsome! My vote goes to Marcus Arnaud.
    Good luck!
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    Arno is also the German version of Arnold. Marcus Arno doesn't have a bad ring to it either

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