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    I'm American, my best friend's sister has this name and everyone we've run into pronounces it "georgie-anna" (george-ee-ANN-uh)..

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    I'm American, and my pronunciation of the name has evolved over the yeras. At first I would say George-ee-AH-nah, but after watching a few British films, I began to pronounce it as Geroge-AY-na. I love this name, it's one of my favorites. It's sad it's not used more!

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    @Bellebee I'm a Brit and say it the same was as you. Though Georg-jayna has been used historically speaking it was always a more unusual pronunciation. Where is your husband from in the UK out of interest?

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    I pronounce it as "Georg-ee-anna," the name of my sister's mother-in-law.
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    Georgianna.. i say it like Jor ji yay na canadian Gianna I know a Gi ahn a and a Jiayana both with same spelling lol.. its just like Tomato tomato too me
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