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    THIS OR THAT: Girls with Three Middle Names

    In light of all the entertaining This or That games that have been produced here, I thought that another of slight difference may be interesting.

    Two middle names are a relatively common sight amongst the wanderers of Nameberry, including the board we're currently browsing - but three, with four names in total? Rarely seen, probably because with each additional name comes greater complication in maintaining smooth motion. I feel that this will give us an opportunity to practice vision and imagination.

    I'm sure that most are familiar with the workings of such pastimes, but for those unaware:
    The title - This or That - truly displays the meaning. One person provides their creation, the next person provides their own; the following member will select the name they best prefer and also include a combination, and so on.

    Elia Karena Iselin Garnet


    Aerith Tamarind Clancy Meara

    - Francesca

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    Mister Men

    Please click here to vote on my (very short) name list. Thanks!
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