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    Imaginary Name List, British Women's Services, World War II

    The following Third Officers WRNS (Women's Royal Naval Service) are promoted to Second Officer, with seniority of dates shown:

    Miss Etheldreda Eahlswith Aelfgifu Eleanor Elizabeth Gorington-Grey. 22 April 1943.
    Miss Vitaline Marguerite Pamela Rosalind Morwenna Polwhele. 23 May 1943.
    Miss Vitaline Pamela Kathleen Eileen Aelfthryth Frideswide Madeleine Rowse, Miss Gaia Camilla Andromeda Arabella Alethea Bellew-Whately. 2 June 1943.
    Miss Noémie Madeleine Elise Ruth Hestingchin. 12 June 1943.
    Miss Isabella Idonea Isolde Frideswide Hereswith Stoke-Leylor-Nayland. 19 June 1943.
    Miss Ghirlandaia Mirandola Idomenea Renée Greck. 22 June 1943.
    Miss Vitaline Camilla Pamela Daphne Royston.
    Miss Frideswide Eleanor Frances Vitaline Fullerton-Sollington-Rowse. 29 June 1943.
    Miss Beryl Bryony Iolanthe Pamela Vitaline Royce-Rounceville. 2 July 1943.
    Miss Eahlswith Eleanor Gertrude Frideswide Caterham. 4 July 1943.
    Miss Kathleen Aelfthryth Iolanthe Celia Rosmerton. 5 July 1943.
    Mrs. Vitaline Daphne Pettigrew Dawson. 8 July 1943.

    What other imaginative names can Nameberries come up with?

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