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Thread: Obscure Theme

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    Middle Earth
    Eliza, Meg, and Dorothy

    Names from My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, and Wizard of Oz.

    Theme: Fashion designers
    ~Anne Teresa (Annie), an 18-year-old authoress.

    Katherine, Lucy, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Elanor, Julia, Hazel,
    Margaret, Elodie, Anneliese, Marian, Aurelia
    James, Atticus, Malachi, Lewis, Benjamin, Alexander, Matthias
    Gabriel, Finn, Dietrich, Kieran, Henry, Fletcher, Dominic

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    Calvin, Ralph, Kate, Marc, & Betsey

    First names of the top fashion designers in the world for 2012.

    Theme: Germany

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    Caspar, Walther, Frank and Joachim.

    Caspar David Friedrich -- German Painter
    Walther von der Vogelweide -- German Poet
    Franks -- a Germanic tribe.
    Joachim Gauck -- President of Germany

    Theme: Mascots

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    Jena, Halle, & Heidi

    (Jena & Halle are cities in Germany, Heidi Klum is German)

    Theme: Dance/Dancing

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    Hortensia, Alexander, Galina and Luciana.

    Hortensia - when a dancer jumps and pulls legs to passe position
    Alexander Grant -dancer
    Galina Samsova - dancer
    Luciana Ravizzi - dancer

    Theme: Mascots.

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