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Thread: Obscure Theme

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    May 2012
    Middle Earth
    Eliza, Meg, and Dorothy

    Names from My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, and Wizard of Oz.

    Theme: Fashion designers
    anne teresa. 19.
    bibliophile & anglophile.
    "if you'll only call me anne spelled with an e i shall try to reconcile myself to not being called cordelia." -anne of green gables

    Katherine, Lucy, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Elanor, Julia, Hazel,
    Margaret, Elodie, Anneliese, Marian, Aurelia, Vivian
    James, Atticus, Malachi, Ezra, Lewis, Benjamin, Alexander, Matthias,
    Gabriel, Finn, Dietrich, Kieran, Henry, Fletcher, Dominic, Lysander

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    Nov 2011
    Calvin, Ralph, Kate, Marc, & Betsey

    First names of the top fashion designers in the world for 2012.

    Theme: Germany

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    Caspar, Walther, Frank and Joachim.

    Caspar David Friedrich -- German Painter
    Walther von der Vogelweide -- German Poet
    Franks -- a Germanic tribe.
    Joachim Gauck -- President of Germany

    Theme: Mascots

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    Jena, Halle, & Heidi

    (Jena & Halle are cities in Germany, Heidi Klum is German)

    Theme: Dance/Dancing

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    Hortensia, Alexander, Galina and Luciana.

    Hortensia - when a dancer jumps and pulls legs to passe position
    Alexander Grant -dancer
    Galina Samsova - dancer
    Luciana Ravizzi - dancer

    Theme: Mascots.

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