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Thread: Unfair Sibsets

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    It's funny how different opinions can be on this subject - many of the 'unfair' sibsets I find perfectly acceptable - and I'm sure many that I'm not fond of would be unfair to many others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by genevieve! View Post
    Then there was Anthony, Angela, and Marian. Poor Marian got the M-rated name while her brother and sister got A+ names!

    Sometimes life isn't fair. Do you know any real-life sibsets like this?
    I personally think Marian is a great name and works fine with her brother and sister.
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    Twins I knew:

    Kedra and Phedra

    Tuff and Cole
    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

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    I know a family with three girls - Genevieve, Sophia, and Olivia. All of them are over 10 years old. They're all beautiful names, but Genevieve definitely lucked out, being the only one without a top 5 name.

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    I'm the only one without a last name as a first name. But then, I'm also the only girl.
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