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Thread: Namebank CAF

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    Namebank CAF

    A Very Hipster Family

    Surnames Throughout: Your Choice
    DH(72): Elvis, Atticus, Nico, Moses, Rufus, Monty
    DW(71): Flora, Daisy, Pandora, Romy, Piper, Frances
    DD1 (51): Delilah, Pearl, Ruby, Minnie, Lola, Ottilie
    DS1 (50): Gus, Frank, Homer, Roscoe, Orson, Butch
    DD2 (48): Ione, Hazel, Dixie, Poppy, Zola, Millie


    DH(54): Miller, Duke, Calvin, Matteo, Ryder, Judd
    DS1(30): Magnus, August, Dashiell, Brooklyn, Stellan, Theo
    DD1(28): Ivy, Violet, Pearl, Frances, Sadie, Everly

    DW(49): Cleo, Ruby, Iris, Mamie, Frances, Hazel
    DS1(28): Hudson, Luca, Beckett, Van, Julian, Dexter
    DS2(26): Jack, Jones, Byron, Nico, Gus, Miller
    DS3(23): Dax, Judd, Roscoe, Harris, Clive, Felix

    DH: Moses, Edison, Eddie, Sanford, Elvis, Jasper
    DD/DD(25): Lola, Matilda, Delilah, Anais, Blaire, Etta /Lillith, Beatrix, Daisy, Juniper, Wren, Cleo


    DW(29): Mae, Prue, Sadie, Millie, Pandora, Romy
    DD(5): Olive, Talullah, Stella, India, Edie, Zinnia
    DD(2): Clementine, Frankie, Delilah, Flora, Lulu, Fallon
    DS(exp): Ike, Kale, Lennon, Theo, Milo, Otto

    DH(28): Rocco, Will, Monty, Orson, Felix, Otis
    DS(3): Atticus, Arlo, August, Auden, Ace, Axl
    DD(1): Lila, Lulu, Luna, Lola, Livi, Lottie

    DW(25): Willa, Sia, Matilda, Nola, Pandora, Leonora
    DD(1): Clover, Poet, Minty, Edie, Finley, Astara

    DW(23): Mabel, Ruby, Lana, Etta, Isla, Piper
    DS(nb): Iggy, Fox, Grayson, Moses, Rufus, Stellan

    Names I'm Loving
    Olivia, Ava, Zoë, Fleur, Stella, Esther, Maeve, Poppy, Edie
    Theo, Archer, Asher, Felix, Flynn, Ike, Alexander, Rafferty, Arlo, Noah
    Sets I'm Loving:
    Olivia Fleur, Ava Zoë, Edie Stella
    Theo Alexander, Archer Felix, Asher Rafferty

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    DH(72): Nico Monty
    DW(71): Romy Pandora
    DD1 (51): Minnie Delilah
    DS1 (50): Frank Roscoe
    DD2 (48): Hazel Poppy


    DW(51): Minnie Delilah
    DH(54): Judd Miller
    DS1(30): Stellan August
    DD1(28): Everly Violet

    DH(50): Frank Roscoe
    DW(49): Iris Mamie
    DS1(28): Van Dexter
    DS2(26): Byron Nico
    DS3(23): Felix Roscoe

    DW(48): Everly Violet
    DH: Jasper Moses
    DD/DD(25): Delilah Blaire /Daisy Beatrix


    DH(30): Stellan August
    DW(29): Sadie Pandora
    DD(5): Edie Stella
    DD(2): Frankie Clementine
    DS(exp): Lennon Otto

    DW(28): Everly Violet
    DH(28): Rocco Orson
    DS(3): Arlo August
    DD(1): Lila Lottie

    DS(28): Van Dexter
    DW(25): Sia Matilda
    DD(1): Poet Finley

    DH(26): Byron Nico
    DW(23): Piper Mabel
    DS(nb): Iggy Fox

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    LN: Ballard
    DH(72): Monty Moses
    DW(71): Romy Pandora
    DD1 (51): Lola Pearl
    DS1 (50): Roscoe Orson
    DD2 (48): Hazel Ione

    LN: Kirkpatrick
    DW(51): Lola Pearl
    DH(54): Ryder Judd
    DS1(30): Stellan August "August"
    DD1(28): Everly Violet

    LN: Ballard
    DH(50): Roscoe Orson
    DW(49): Cleo Iris
    DS1(28): Luca Beckett "Luke"
    DS2(26): Nico Miller "Nick"
    DS3(23): Dax Harris

    LN: Winston
    DW(48): Hazel Ione
    DH(50): Jasper Edison
    DD/DD(25): Anais Blaire/Lillith Wren "Ana & Lili"

    LN: Kirkpatrick
    DH(30): Stellan August "August"
    DW(29): Sadie Mae
    DD(5): India Stella
    DD(2): Fallon Delilah
    DS(exp): Milo Kale

    LN: Vale
    DW(28): Everly Violet
    DH(28): Felix Rocco
    DS(3): Auden Ace
    DD(1): Livi Luna

    LN: Ballard
    DS(28): Luca Beckett "Luke"
    DW(25): Nola Matilda "Nolie"
    DD(1): Finley Poet

    LN: Ballard
    DH(26): Nico Miller "Nick"
    DW(23): Piper Isla
    DS(nb): Grayson Fox

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    DH(72): Nico Atticus
    DW(71): Piper Daisy
    DD1 (51): Delilah Ruby
    DS1 (50): Orson Roscoe
    DD2 (48): Hazel Millie


    DW(51): Delilah Ruby
    DH(54): Ryder Matteo
    DS1(30): Stellan Dashiell
    DD1(28): Sadie Violet

    DH(50): Orson Roscoe
    DW(49): Hazel Ruby
    DS1(28): Luca Julian
    DS2(26): Nico Jack
    DS3(23): Roscoe Judd

    DW(48): Hazel Millie
    DH: Jasper Edison
    DD/DD(25): Delilah Blaire / Daisy Juniper


    DH(30): Stellan Dashiell
    DW(29): Sadie Mae
    DD(5): Stella Zinnia
    DD(2): Delilah Fallon
    DS(exp): Lennon Milo

    DW(28): Sadie Violet
    DH(28): Orson Felix
    DS(3): Auden Ace
    DD(1): Lila Luna

    DS(28): Luca Julian
    DW(25): Matilda Sia
    DD(1): Clover Astara

    DH(26): Nico Jack
    DW(23): Piper Isla
    DS(nb): Stellan Grayson

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    Atticus Nico Rufus (72) and Flora Frances (71)
    -Lola Ottilie Pearl (51)
    -Roscoe Frank (50)
    -Hazel Poppy (48)
    Atticus, Florrie, Lola, Ross and Hazel

    -Lola Ottilie Pearl (51) and and Matteo Miller (54)
    --Theo August (30)
    --Violet Ivy (28)
    Lola, Matteo, Theo and Violet

    -Roscoe Frank (50) and Cleo Iris (49)
    --Luca Julian (28)
    --Nico Jack (26)
    --Felix Harris (23)
    Ross, Cleo, Luca, Nico and Felix

    -Hazel Poppy (48) and Jasper Eddie
    --Matilda Etta Blair/Beatrix Daisy Lillith (25)
    Hazel, Jasper, Tilly and Bea

    --Theo August (30) and Sadie Mae (29)
    ---India Stella Olive (5)
    ---Clementine Flora Frankie (2)
    ---Otto Theo Lennon (exp)
    Theo, Sadie, India, Clemmie and Otto

    --Violet Ivy (28) and Will Otis (28)
    ---Arlo Atticus (3)
    ---Luna Lottie (1)
    Violet, Will, Arlo and Lun

    --Luca Julian (28) and Leonora Matilda (25)
    ---Edie Astara (1)
    Luca, Lea and Edie

    --Nico Jack (26) and Isla Mabel (23)
    ---Rufus Stellan (nb)
    Nico, Isa and Roo
    name-obsessed teenager with only hypothetical, fully-named children


    marina genevieve priya, theo alexander milun, anna romilly ?
    british lover of all things downton abbey

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