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    Cool semi-long list...

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    Julian-I think it's a name that has the best of both worlds. Not too strong not too soft.
    Lennon-I wouldn't use it myself but it has a certain charm to it.
    Teague-I love it's meaning
    Quinlan-I would prefer Quentin myself but my real reasoning is that I like the nn Quin
    Leopold-Love it! If I were to ever have another son this might be a contender! It's unique and classy. NN Leo is adorable.

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    Callum - My sons name. We chose it because it sounds masculine but not severely so, we like Cal as a nickname, and because we love the meaning - dove

    Ellis - This was a runner up for our son. We liked Elias, but had differing opinions on how to pronounce it, so we moved on to Ellis. Again, it sounds masculine but not extreme.

    Harper - Love this name for a boy, sincerely dislike it for girls. Also, Ben Harper (musician) is one of my favorites.

    Julian - This name just sounds classic to me.

    Quinlan - I really like Quinn for boys more than for girls, and this is a nice long form. I think I actually like it better than Quintin (although I can guarantee my DH would choose Quintin over Quinlan).

    Reece (Rhys) - My sons middle name. We chose Rhys because we just loved the way it sounded.

    Theron - I love a name that has a strong meaning - hunter - but has a more relaxed sound - Theron. I liked the first/middle combo of River Theron for our son, DH vetoed River pretty quickly.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Wow, you weren't kidding when you said long list! I had to pick 8, although there were a lot more that I really liked!

    Atticus - I just love the very Ancient Rome feel of the name, coupled with all the good references behind it. Atticus Finch, and there was a Christian martyr named Atticus, it just seems like a really great name to have, to me. I love Gus, Kit, and Atti as nns for it, too.
    Boaz - I have always LOVED the story of Ruth and Boaz in the Bible, and Boaz just seems like such a fun name! I love the nn potential of Beau/Bo, too.
    Edison - I love that this is a modern take on Edward or Edwin or Edgar. Not quite as classy as Edmund, but definitely more fun, imo! I think it'd be such a fun name to have, and you could still have all the cool nns of Edward--Teddy, Eddie, Ned, etc.
    Ezra - I love its very Hebrew feel. It's both quirky and cool, any boy would be lucky to be an Ezra!
    Harper - I've grown to really love this. This was one of those unisex names I couldn't really see on a boy, but then I saw this little boy on a TV show a year or two ago (Detroit 1-8-7), and he was so adorable! I fell for the name, then and there. It is a bit effeminate, but I think it'd be so fun to be a little boy named Harper. It still ranks fairly high, so I wouldn't worry too much about the gender confusion, not until Harper is like Bailey, with it ranking top 100 for girls and not even listed for boys.
    Jonas - love it! I fell in love with it during the Jonas brothers craze, and I've loved it ever since. It honors my grandmother, in a way, so I also love it because of that. It feels like a much more cultured, unexpected way to honor a Joe.
    Leopold - I love this! It sounds so kingly but the familiar Leo makes it much more approachable. I would love to meet a Leopold. I find it so much more attractive than 90% of all the other Leo names out there!
    Sawyer - lovelovelove. It's both quirky/mischievous and respectable, due to Mark Twain. I think it's great. If Spencer wasn't on my short list, I'd probably make room for Sawyer.

    Good luck!
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    Wow, so many names to choose from! A lot of gems here, but here's the ones that I loved.

    Allistair - Gorgeous name, I even consider putting this one on my list but I already have an "Al" name.
    Edwin - A nice alternative to the trendy Edward, I like it.
    Julius - I like the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar and I love names that end in "-us"
    Nicodemus - Another amazing name ending in "-us"
    Zoltan - Absolutely love it! It's a bit out there but nevertheless an amazing name.
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