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    Amelia Joan is a 17 year old high school senior. She is attending an art school. She has a passion for art & music. She has played the guitar since she was 7. She loves painting and has had them shown at galleries! Her parents do not think that art school is practical, but Amelia doesn't care. She is very care-free and happy-go-lucky.

    Vivian Heather

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    A college girl that can be snooty at times, but has a good heart. She is more interested in opportunities than studying, and although she is academically smart, she doesn't always use it to her advantage. She can be quite clumsy and likes to daydream.

    Sawyer Agnes
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    A girl that is a freckly, pigtailed american, lives on a farm and likes to think of herself as Scout from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.


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    Wren is a 8 year old orphan who lives in an overpopulated orphanage. She is of smaller stature compared to others her age, and has long dark hair that falls in slight waves. Since she's quiet and keeps to herself, there's a whole side to her that nobody knows. A side that has the qualities of a great leader and a eloquent speaker.

    Colette Leonie (nn Cleo)
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    A popular high school girl who secretly writes songs in class. She always looks immacculate.

    Abigail Emmeline

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