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    Emma Ashley is just graduating from High School. She is planning her speach as Valadictorian of her class. Emma, a tall slender girl, has tapered brown hair and brown eyes. She just received an acceptance letter from UCLA where she will major in Pharmacy. Her 4.1 GPA has earned her several academic scholarships. She plans to run for Student Senate President and join a Serority. Emma is looking forward to beginning a new journey in life.

    Millicent Claire

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    Millicent Claire is a 6 year old in the 1st grade. She loves to color and draw and spends most of her time drawing. She loves playing with her 7 year old sister Calista Quinn. Millie also loves swimming in the summer and playing soccer.

    Marigold Renee

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    Marigold Renee is a toddler with long golden curls. The nn Goldie truly fits her. Goldie likes to go to the playground and swing on the swings. She attends day care with her friends Milo, Emme, and Siri. Some of her favorite games are Ring around the Rosie and London Bridge. Goldie loves to sing and dance. When nap time comes she's out like a light!

    Morgan Quinn

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    Morgan Quinn is a senior in high school who plans on going to school to be a vet. Morgan had long curly brown hair down to her waste before she cut it all off for charity. She volunteers at an animal shelter and plays soccer. She lives with her parents, two sisters (Dakota Clare and Harper Grace), cat Lucy, and dog Joey.

    Althea Marie

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    Althea Marie

    "Aly" is a junior in High School. She has dark brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. She is president of the astronomy club, a varsity cheerleader, and the school's vice president. Her parents have high expectations for her, as her father is a rocket scientist and her mom is a heart surgeon. Aly spends all her free time studying and working on speeches. Over the summer her parents are taking her to view Ivy League colleges!

    Griffin William

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