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    Zephyr Lucian is a young middle-school aged boy. He is interested in reading and playing the guitar. He especially loves to learn new country western songs. He and his family love to go camping and fishing as well. Zephyr has bright blue eyes and dark curly hair. He plans to be an entertainer and his dream is to be on American Idol someday.

    Francine Aurora
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    Francine Aurora is a little girl in kindergarden. She has long dark hair and dark brown eyes. Her eye lashes are the longest and darkest I've ever seen! She wears pink alot because she is very girly. Francine is very artistic and loves to sing. She takes ballet lessons too. She can't wait to invite all of her friends to her birthday party. She's hoping to get a Barbie Corvette from her parents so she can ride the kids around in her yard at the party!

    Liam Stanley

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    Liam Stanley: Barely seventeen, his natural talent and passion for the piano and music itself could get him a long way in life. If academically not perfect, he understands the importance of major subjects, yet he wishes to simply practice on the piano all day, for even if he maybe be rather underprivileged, he is not one to give up, holding tight to his dreams of once composing music professionally. Liam maybe be more sensitive and shy than others, not to mention humble, but his humors personality as earned him a wide range of supporting friends whom his knows he can trust. Still his additional good looks with slightly tanned skin, light brown hair that flops on his forehead and dark brown eyes, hasn't been able to win the girl of him dreams.

    Lucinda Noelle "Lucie"?

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    Lucinda Noelle "Lucie": Lucie just started middle schooled. She has gorgeous long, blonde curls and brown eyes and freckles. She is quiet, but outgoing when she is with her friends. Her favorite subject is English and she loves writing short stories & writing in her journal in her spare time. Lucie is an all A/B student. She enjoys school, but she feels more mature than most kids and does not like being teased for her love of reading and writing.

    Patricia Hailey "Trish"

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    Patricia Hailey "Trish": Is a 16 year old girl born in Korea and adopted by a loving family in San Diego. In the summer she lets her sleek black hair grow well past her waist and the sun brings out the dotting of freckles on the bridge of her nose. She wears black rim glasses, eschewing contact lenses. She loves the beach and the beach culture. Most of her days are spent outdoors reading or writing, or playing the occasional game of pick up soccer or volleyball. She wants to be a writer when she grows up.

    Emma Ashley

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