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    Name Annagramer!

    Here's a link to an anagrammer I found! You can enter your own name or a different one, and don't have to post the original. Post as many results as you like, or attach a link to the whole list if you love them all!

    I'll post 5. Mine are:
    Vashti Nikita Limoli
    Vashti Taimi Killion
    Mikihisa Vinita Toll
    Litha Vasiliki Timon
    Kathi Vitalis Molini
    [CENTER][U][U][FONT=century gothic] Kate S.

    Girls: Luta, Persephone, Lyra, Isolet, Juniper, Louisa

    Boys: Foster, Bo, Barnaby, Milo, Painter, Haldan

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