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    Jan 2012
    Parents are wealthy and she has always had nannies. she has friends but not close friends she's around 13 years old.

    Avery Scotland (either Gender)
    Married my best friend 5/11/13, mommy to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20/14
    Our agel Riley 8/13

    Name crushes:
    Indy Elizabeth, Livia Pearl, Edith Bryndalyn Inez, Enid Sylvia, Elora Frances, Alice Hazel, Flannery Juliet

    Nashua Solomon Jace, Caedmon Wolfe, Leland Wallace, Emerich Frost, Ezra Theodore, Alden Kai

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    I imagine a happy go lucky artistic girl in her teens with long blonde hair and freckles sprinkled around her nose

    Alice Leonora

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    I imagine a sweet young redhead (teenager) who loves to read and daydream.

    Anneliese Gillian

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    A studious girl of about 8, dark brown hair, large eyes and a very active imagination. She loves to read and reads many years above her level.

    Wesley Alexander
    Name-obsessed Writer
    Current Faves
    Acacia, Eleanor, Margaret, Guinevere, Myna, Lydia, Mira, Odessa, Ciara, Gwendolyn
    Alexander,Cassius, Nicholas, Sebastian, Cyrus, August, Caspian, Eramus, Benedict, Milton

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    I imagine the polished and pristine son of a wealthy parents, sandy brown hair and light eyes. He is wearing a navy sweater vest with a pressed white button-down shirt under it, dockers, and shiny brown shoes. He has a streak of mischieviousness to him.

    Emberly Adora

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