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    An adventurous tomboy teen, lives in the country and is very competitive and athletic.

    Crispin North
    Name-obsessed Writer
    Current Faves
    Acacia, Eleanor, Margaret, Guinevere, Myna, Lydia, Mira, Odessa, Ciara, Gwendolyn
    Alexander,Cassius, Nicholas, Sebastian, Cyrus, August, Caspian, Eramus, Benedict, Milton

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    I see an offbeat, quirky 12-year-old boy who loves the outdoors. He plays in his marching band at school.

    Clara Penelope
    - Meghan

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    I see an a artsy teenage girl who not only is talented at the arts but also has straight A's. She is tall with chestnut wavy hair and green eyes.

    Lily Katherine nn Lily Kate

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    I see a perky 6-year-old girl. She is quite popular at school, beloved by all her friends. She is very bubbly, sweet, and charming.

    Theodore Franklin (Theo)
    - Meghan

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    Theo is a slightly nerdy fellow who is just starting college to study ancient history. He spends a lot of time at the student union with his books. He has a few, true, genuine friends, but isn't much of a social butterfly. He prefers glasses to contacts and prefers Merlot to Miller Lite.

    Vetiver Maeve NN Vettie (a girl)
    Always evolving, always changing!

    Girls: Luna, Elsinora, Matilda, Iris, Beatrix, Eloise, Jezebel, Juniper, Elisabella, Poppy, Garnet, Hermione

    Boys: Daibheid, Sherlock, Phineas, Rhys, Gabriel, Jasper, Benedict, Quill, Oakheart, Rupert, Raphael, Silas, Cleverly

    Love, but Daren't: Silverwing, Oakenshield, Absinthia, Moss, Vetiver, Sorrel, Circe, Artemisia, Apollonia

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