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    An adorable little girl, who's always kind and helpful, but has a mischievous side.

    Pandora Faye
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    I imagine a pre-teen with short, slightly curled chocolate hair and whiskey-colored eyes. Inquisitive with an overly-active imagination, Hermioneish in her attitude towards school. I think she would want to be outside a lot, making little fairy houses or wandering around with her scruffy pet dog. Definitely makes me think of Because of Winn-Dixie and Bridge to Terabithia, with AnnaSophia Robb's spunk and smarts.

    Katherine (Kate) Ford

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    I imagine a teenager in her senior year, with strawberry blonde hair (forever in a braid) and blue-green eyes. She's the soccer team's best goalie, mostly because she's ultra-competitive and isn't afraid to get covered in mud so long as the other team doesn't score. But she's definitely not all tomboy--she's just as excited for prom as anyone else, and she always cleans up very well. Bubbly and giggly, she's an extrovert through and through!

    Lila Evangeline
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    Lila Evangeline makes me picture a little ginger girl, with cute freckles spotting her nose. Her emerald green eyes sparkle as she twirls around in a field of daisies and tulips. She is carefree and happy.

    Evelyn Jane
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    I see a 15 year old with brown hair and hazel eyes, with glasses.
    Nell Cecilia

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