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    Winter is a woman of many contradictions. She appears delicate but is actually quite strong. She seems a little cold and aloof but is caring and empathetic. She is peaceful but believes some things are worth fighting for.

    Abram Eli

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    Oap likes golf and his slippers

    Sylvia Aphrodite
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    Gals. Lyra, Amelia, Penelope,Alice, Estee, Lola, Bailey, Sofia,Sadie.
    Guys. Gabriel, Max, Zachary, Harley, Milo, Olly, Julian.

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    Sylvia Aphrodite is a 16 year old girl with long slightly wavy hair, a fair complexion, and green eyes. She is quite beautiful although she herself does not believe it. She loves literature and works part time at barnes and noble. She is very kind and generous and spends her free time tutoring children in their reading.
    Isobel Claire
    Raquel-22 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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    Isobel Claire is a 13 year old studious middle schooler. She has long, medium blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is a "good-girl" and makes good grades. She has a close group of friends and she would do anything for them. Her favorite subject is history, she probably gets it from her father, who is a history professor at the local high school.

    Ezra Nicholas

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    Ezra doesn't accept "no" as an answer for anything. He's adventurous and outgoing. For all of his good qualities, however, he is a bit selfish. He doesn't have tantrums like most children, but rather broods silently. He has bright red hair and cute freckles covering the bridge of his nose. In school, he's an average student and math is his best subject. He hopes to be an architect some day.

    Miles Rohan

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    thomasina louise, percival hugh

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