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    Smile My new annotated list!

    Here's my list - feel free to add your opinion!
    Alice - I've loved it for a really long time and it's definitely my favourite.
    Ada - I really love this too. But if I use Alice I won't use this don't want AA.
    Annabelle - A friend of mine shotgunned it as an honouree name for her mum.
    Cora - Its nice it has vintage charm. But i like too many 'A' ending names.
    Danica - Star reference and I love the feel of it.
    Ida - Like it but prefer Ada, Ida in Europe is pronounced EEE-DAH. And since we have family there, I wouldn't like that pronunciation.
    Elena - Really like it spoken like ELAINA.
    Eloise - I really like it especially in reference to Kay Thompson's book. Except it has a harsh ending sound.
    Esme/May - in honour of my aunt whose birthday was in May. Still deciding if I prefer Esme or not. Twilight reference doesn't bother me.
    Esther/Estelle - Love the biblical meaning and the star reference. I really like Estella; but it doesn't flow.
    Etta/Eva/Elsa - Like both, but Eva's too popular and Etta sounds like theres something missing. Elsa is a possibility but I'm not sure I LOVE it.
    Giselle - I really think this is quite beautiful, although it does sound princessy.
    Hazel - I really like it.
    Helena - I have a bit of an infatuation with this name right now!
    'Lavender - A guilty pleasure name.
    Lovisa - It really speaks to my German heritage.
    Nightingale - As a possible alternative to my maiden name 'Gale.'
    Pearl - To honour my great grandmother.
    Reyna - I really like it especially with this spelling.
    Rose - only as a first name!
    Violet - Love it.
    Zoya - I love it as well as its reference in the book 'Zoya.'
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    Alice - My favorite on your list, but definitely cannot pair with Esme due to Twilight reference, IMO
    Ada - NMS. Reminds me of the saying 'adda boy.
    Annabelle - Lovely! This one is on my top 10 list
    Cora - Nice, love it as a nn to Coralie
    Danica - Pretty but don't like the nn Dani
    Ida - NMS.
    Elena - If you prefer Elaina, I would stick with that spelling to avoid pronunciation issues.
    Eloise - Love this one! Esp nn Ellie, so sweet and ages well IMO
    Esme/May - A fav of mine, I don't mind the Twilight reference either, but definitely cannot pair with other Twilight names
    Esther/Estelle - I prefer Stella to Estella, but Estelle has a very pretty ring to it, not a fan of Esther though.
    Etta/Eva/Elsa - Eva is popular, but if you use as a nn to Evangeline/Evangelina you get the Eva nn and a not as popular name, as for Etta and Elsa, I prefer Eva of the three
    Giselle - I just see this as potential for disaster. Gis sounds just like Jizz.. and Idk, maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't use this name just as I wouldn't use the name Richard for it's potential school yard nn of Dick. BUT that's my paranoid side, I love "elle" names, and find my paranoia of school yard bullies for my future children a bit annoying, but I can't help it. LOL.
    Hazel - I prefer Jade to Hazel, but I do love the Z factor!
    Helena - NMS, but I definitely prefer Helena to Helen. Has a less boring effect IMO.
    Lavender - I prefer Violet to Lavender in both names and colors, but Lavender is a sweet non popular route as opposed to all the Lilies and Roses out there.
    Lovisa - Never heard this one before, so unsure of the pronunciation.
    Nightingale - Like as a mn only.
    Pearl - Cute! I do like Pearla as well.
    Reyna - I love this spelling! My MIL's maiden name was Reynosa, and her sister has a daughter named Reyna in honour of the last name, and everyone compliments her for the name choice and spelling
    Rose - I LOVE Rose, but in the form Rosalie, hubby doesn't he hates the nn Rosie, but I find it absolutely lovely and the popularity doesn't bother me, even for a mn.
    Violet - Love it!
    Zoya - NMS, I prefer Zoe. Then again, my youngest step daughter is Zoe, so I'm a little biased.

    Great names! My suggestions to go with your list are: Cordelia, Zaylee, and Elenora.

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    My favourites are definitely Esme and Violet. I think that they're both modern, but pretty and sweet.
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    Alice - I never loved Alice, it seems boring to me
    Ada - So much better than Alice!
    Annabelle - Annabelle is stunning, I would have used it but we already have an Arabella
    Cora - I prefer Coralie or Cordelia, Cora is just to abrupt
    Danica - I like it
    Ida - I like Ada better but Ida is nice
    Elena - I have never heard it pronounced another way. Lovely name
    Eloise - I just never caught on to the Eloise trend
    Esme/May - I think this sounds so harsh, just too much for a little girl
    Esther/Estelle - lovely, I think I prefer Estelle
    Etta/Eva/Elsa - I like Eva the best but Etta is cute too, Elsa sounds harsh to me
    Giselle - I like it, if you don't mind the supermodel connection
    Hazel - I like it
    Helena -wonderful name, I considered it myself
    'Lavender - I don't know that this would work as a first name
    Lovisa - great middle name potential
    Nightingale - Gale sounds better as it is
    Pearl - Gorgeous!
    Reyna - I love the name and the connection to the Virgin Mary
    Rose - I prefer it as a middle name, it is the second middle name of my second daughter
    Violet - beautiful a consideration for our twins
    Zoya - I think the Z is making it seem very harsh and juvenile to me
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