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    I like Katherine and Catherine. The rest just annoy me in a way. Kathryn seems like such a downgrade from Katherine. (No offense intended to any Kathryns)

    It depends on the whole name whether I like the C or K more, but I generally like the K more.
    I'm also a fan of Katerina, and Ekaterina. :P

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    I prefer Catherine if you plan to use only the full name Catherine. If you want the nn Katy/Katie, then I prefer Katherine or Kathryn
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    My name is Catherine and I am definitely glad my parents chose this spelling. They liked the C spelling partially because it was less likely to be shortened to Katie or Kate (although that doesn't stop some!). This spelling feels the most traditional, as it is the one that appears in novels such as Jane Austen or Wuthering Heights.

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    I prefer Catherine or Katherine. Katharine just seems like it would be a lot of trouble when it comes to spelling. I like how Kathryn looks, but the "y" does give it a trendy vibe.

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    I like the classic Katherine spelling the best. To me it just looks the best written down- the C spelling seems kind of incomplete to me, like there should be a K there instead.
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