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    Evil Witch Quality?!

    I stumbled across Malgosia the other day and have been tossing it around in my mind, mostly for a middle name. What do everyone think of Malgosia? The Nameberry description says it sounds like an Evil Witch, but I couldn't disagree more. The meaning is pretty, Pearl, and seems to be a diminutive of Margaret or Malgorzata depending on where you look.
    It seems to be pronounced as either Mal-go-see-uh, Mal-go-sha, or maw-GO-seeah, from what my research has turned up. Any insight here?

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    Well it does have the "mal" prefix which, in many languages, means 'bad'. So, I would avoid it and would much rather see Pearl as a name (middle or first) instead because it is gorgeous!
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    Yeah, I'm with Nameberry on this one, it is evil witchish to me.

    Again, I think it has to do with the Mal- prefix and the -go-.
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    Ooohh.. Sorry. I think you should steer clear of this one.

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    It's OK. An 'evil witch' wasn't my first thought, but it's not something which I'd choose. I prefer Magnolia.

    I don't like looking up names on Nameberry, though. I can understand why they write something 'personal' for lots of names, but I think it's awfully one-sided and has put me off a few, to be honest, which is a shame.
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