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Thread: Bng!! :)

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    Bng!! :)

    1) You are 19 and living on your own in _______.

    2) While attending college to become a _______, you meet a handsome guy by the name of ________. What does he look like?

    3) After you graduate college, you and your boyfriend take a romantic vacation to _________. While on vacation, your boyfriend proposes! A year later you two get married at __________. You honeymoon to _________.

    4) When you return from your honeymoon, you begin feeling sick. You go to the doctors and find out you are pregnant! You give birth to a healthy baby boy. His first name is in the language of the place you honeymooned in (i.e if you went to France, his first name is French). His middle name is your husband's name. What do you name him?

    5) When your son is 4, you start missing having a little baby around. So you and your husband start trying to concieve. You get pregnant with ease, and give birth to another boy. His first name starts with A. What do you name him?

    6) Your oldest son is now 6, and your youngest is 2. You start trying to ger pregnant again. This time you concieve identical twin girls! They are born on Christmas, so you give them both Christmas-themed names. Their middle names start with E.

    7) You now have 4 kids, ages 9, 5, 3 and 3. The house you bought with your husband is beginning to get small, so you and your family pack up and move to a larger house in ___________. What does the house look like?

    8) Another two years have passed since the move and you are ready to expand your family more. But this time you find it harder to get pregnant, so you and your husband decide to adopt. You adopt a 2 month old baby from ____________. Do you adopt a boy or girl? What do you name him/her?

    9) Your kids are now 14, 10, 8, 8 and 3. You decide to try to have more kids, even though your last attempt wasn't successful. You decide to go for in-vitro, and fall pregnant with SIX babies! There are 4 girls and 2 boys. What do you name them?

    10) You now have 11 kids! What are their names? When the sextuplets are 5, you buy the family a pet. What is it? What do you name it

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Sarah Catherine Gosling (Meyers).

    Apartment Building:
    - Cranston, Rhode Island.

    College: Community College of Rhode Island.
    Major: Administrative Office Technology.

    DH: Edward Raphael Gosling.

    Flower Girls:
    Ring Bearer:

    Bridesmaids: Cassandra Beth Morris, Leona Danielle Zara, Rachael Grace Duffy, Isla Katherine Wood, & Olivia Haven Wright.
    Groomsmen: Eric Daniel Thompson, Gregory Thomas Minghella, Kyle Richard Harpen, Levi Andrew Pullman, & Haden Michael Ivory.
    Flower Girls: Ava Penelope Sayre, Chloe Annemarie Mooney, & Luna Dominique Sorkin.
    Ring Bearer: Derrick Mathieu Pitt.

    - Coventry, Rhode Island.

    1. Cedric Edward Gosling.
    2. Aiden Michael Gosling.
    3. Eve Elisabeth Gosling.
    4. Hollie Emme Gosling.

    - Warren, Rhode Island.

    5. (A) Zenobia Grace Gosling.
    6. Aurelia Brie Gosling.
    7. Calliope Diane Gosling.
    8. Evangeline Faith Gosling.
    9. Gabriel Henri Gosling.
    10. Isabelle Jordan Gosling.
    11. Kellan Leander Gosling.

    American Bobtail Cat: Hermione.

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