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    Imagine Your Family. .

    Name your Family (Husband/Wife, Children) (F/M/L) and ages, birthdays, anything you want. Just think of the family you want in the future, Give them names you really want to give them and what ages and birthdays. Imagine your family of youe dreams...
    Have Fun!

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    Re: Imagine Your Family. .

    DH -Scott Jared Archer
    DW - Clara Hazel Archer

    DS - Alexander David Scott
    Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall
    DS - Daniel Robert James
    Honeyed blond hair, grey eyes, medium height
    DD - Beatrix Hermione Alianne
    White blonde hair, blue eyes, short
    DD - Edith Jean Marie
    Bright red hair, green eyes, freckles, medium-short

    DC - Faye
    Calico maine coon, green eyes
    DD - Juliet
    Canadian-bred Norwegian elkhound
    DD - Romeo
    Canadian-bred Norwegian elkhound
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Re: Imagine Your Family. .

    Mother: Jillian Elizabeth Danvers

    Father: Clayton Jeremy Danvers

    Number of children: 12

    1. Girl-Charlotte June Danvers

    2. Girl-Athena Rose Danvers

    3. Boy-Holden Lucian Danvers

    4. Girl-Luna Estelle Danvers

    5. Girl-Zinnia Lily Danvers

    6. Girl-Ophelia Claire Danvers

    7. Girl-Josephine Imogen Danvers

    8. Boy-August Sage Danvers

    9. Girl-Rhiannon Skye Danvers

    10. Boy-Frazier Noah Danvers

    11. Girl-Saskia Scarlett Danvers

    12. Girl-Lorelei Karina Danvers

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    My dream family would consist on loads of children plus some adopted with a lot of animals. Even though it probably wont happen for me but here it goes.

    Wife: Brittany Annette Burr 45
    Husband: Michael Wilson Burr 50

    Baby Girl 1: Mackenzie Annette Burr 20
    Girl 2: Britton Taylor Burr 18
    Girl 3: Easton Elizabeth Burr 16
    Girl 4: Kaitlyn Kimberly Burr 14
    Girl 5: Rachel Aleah Burr 8
    Girl 6: Leah Michelle Burr 7
    Girl 7: Kennedy Sage Burr 5
    Girl 8: Sutton Cheyenne Burr 2

    Baby Boy 1: Landon Michael Burr 20 (Twin to Mackenzie)
    Boy 2: Logan James Burr 17
    Boy 3: Courtland Wren Burr 15
    Boy 4 & 5: Carter Dean Burr & Carson Daniel Burr 12
    Boy 6: Gannon Miles 10
    Last boy: Paxton Gage Burr 4

    Boys- Weston Roland 1 , Greyson Isaiah & Samuel Ethan 3, Casey Thomas 6, Waylon Wilson 10, Preston Jackson 13

    Girls- Emmalyn Addison 3, Braelyn Jordan 4, Bristol Ann 15, Katie Grace & Kinsley Alannah 16.
    ~Boys~ Braxton Noah, Carter Dean, Carson Daniel, Logan Mason, Landon Michael, Paxton Gage, Gannon Miles, Preston James, Wyatt Christan, Tristan Evan, Courtland Wren, Samuel Ethan

    ~Girls~ Britton Taylor, Mackenzie Annette, Rachel Aleah, Easton Elizabeth, Aubrey Keziah, Leah Michelle, Paisley Tatum, Kennedy Sage, Braelyn Jordan, Bristol Ann, Sutton Cheyenne, Emmalynn Addyson, Courtney Dakota, Arabella Serenity,

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    My huge, crazy household consists of four adults and eleven children!
    My husband and I have contributed five biological children and four adopted into this chaos, they are:
    Tobias Henry,
    Sebastian Keith,
    Rose Eleanor
    Jeremy James and Albert Andrew (adopted)
    Lillian Mary
    Alexandra Nicole (adopted)
    Devon Eugene George (adopted)
    Phoenix Herbert

    While my sister and her husband have had a modest three:
    Annalise Millicent
    Leighton David
    Odette Elizabeth

    All together our kids are: Tobias (16), Seb (15), Annie (13), Rose (12), Jem (9), Alby (9), Leighton (9), Lilly (6), Allie (5), Ettie (3), Devon (2) and Phoenix (1).
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
    Octavia ~ Clark ~ Nina ~ Marshall

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