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    Thoughts on names chosen...

    I am pregnant with our second child.
    My sons name is Collin Matthew and we have chosen our girls name and are still a little indecisive on our boys names... Just like to hear thoughts/impressions on names chosen
    Girl : Alyssa Ann
    Boy: Nicholas Ryan or Joshua Anderson

    Not crazy over joshua, it just doesn't feel like me but my husband suggested it. And wasn't sure of how it sounded with Anderson

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    Alyssa is beautiful.

    I prefer Nicholas of the two boys names that you listed. It's a timeless name. Although Joshua has also had staying power, I still think of it as a fad name for some reason.

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    I've never liked Nicholas. Just the boys I've known with the name haven't done anything for me. I don't love Joshua either, but I definitely prefer it over Nicholas. Alyssa is lovely, by the way!
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    I think all of the names you've got sound good with Collin. Alyssa Ann and Nicholas Ryan are really nice.

    For what it's worth, I think Joshua sounds pretty good with Anderson - I know the "a"s meet at the transition, but Joshua ends in a different-sounding "a" than Anderson starts with. If you're not thrilled with them together, Joshua Ryan would work too.

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    I might be biased because my brother is a Nicholas, but I think Nicholas Ryan is a lovely combo. I'm not a fan of Joshua, but I prefer Joshua Ryan to Joshua Anderson.

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