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Thread: Nymbler Game :)

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    I was bored so i do it again

    I listed

    Girls :

    Grace : i dont like it at all , i dont know why
    Lucille : i like Lucy but not Lucille
    Violet : i like the nn Vee but not Violet
    Aida : hate it
    Ava : i prefer Eva
    Amelia : i prefer Amelie
    Harper : i strongly dislike it
    Charlotte : the only name i really like and i adore the nn Charlie

    Boys :

    Noah : i like it as a middle
    Henry : love it
    Foster : i dont know but it reminds me of Foster Kids
    Rance : strongly dislike it
    Jasper : love it ..... on a girl
    Oliver : one of my favorites
    James : one of my favorites middle names
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    Abbey - Not a fan
    Charlotte - So overused
    Harper - Liked this when I was younger, but it's incredibly overused in my area
    Grace - I wouldn't use it, but I can appreciate it (as a first, but not middle)
    Susanna - This isn't on my list either, but I do think it's nice
    Josie - Prefer Josephine, but I like it
    Violet - It's on my list. I see it around Nameberry so much I feel like it's overused! But I don't know any little Violet's in real life!
    Amelia - Another that I appreciate on someone else's child, but that I wouldn't use due to popularity

    Henry - I know this is a Berry favorite, but I just can not get behind it at all
    Ezra - Love!
    Liam - Not a fan, also little Liams run rampant in my area
    Oliver - Would use it to get to the nn Ollie
    Noah - Way too popuar
    Zeb - I actually really, really like this. I think I would use it and the full name Zebediah.

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    Lena- It's alright, I don't like it that much though
    Antonia- I don't like it at all
    Charlotte- So cute! My favorite from these suggestions
    Maura- It's okayy
    Lucille- Too old-fashioned
    Marie- My middle name
    Mona- Cute!

    Jack- I think it suits an old man
    Oliver- My favorite!
    Orrin-Never heard of it but I don't like it
    William- Nice and classic!
    James- I prefer it for a middle name
    Henry-It's decent

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    August, Jude and Theodore
    Elowen, Clea and Cassidy

    Cory: It's okay but kind of plain, I'd never use it.
    Shane: Ditto for Shane.
    Oliver: I liked Oliver but then it got really popular! And a couple I know named their dog Oliver (nn Ollie). Super cute for a puppy but the name is sort of ruined for me!
    Trace: Reminds me of Tracy which I dislike.
    Clement: I'd never use it.
    Jack: A classic that I love
    Noah: There's nothing wrong with Noah but I wouldn't use it.

    Amalia: I prefer Amelia.
    Leona: I like this! I started liking it after I watched a film about blood diamonds in Sierra Leone.
    Beatrice: I love Beatrice! It's on my list.
    Britta: Water filter brand haha...
    Augusta: I love August too much for a boy so I would never use this.
    Ava: I know people love it but I think it's bland.
    Charlotte: Growing on me but I don't love it.
    Flora: I really like Flora lately. I think I'd use it as a nickname for Florence though!

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    Inspirations: Lyra, Eloise, Agnes, Asa, Leo, Henry

    Ada - A little too old for me, I just don't like it that much.
    Violet - Love, but getting so popular
    Lucy - I'm on and off with this one. It's nice, but right now it's not one of my favourites.
    Grace - Love it. Constantly on my list, although it's pretty far down at the moment.
    Lena - I've never really considered this, but I suppose it just doesn't appeal to me that much.
    Amelia - Hasn't been on my list for a long time, but I still like it with the nn Mia,
    Charlotte - I like it, but it's not on my list at the moment. It's too popular and predictable for me right now.
    Cora - Not really for me.

    Al - Reminds me of an old man that frequents the local pub. Alistair is cute, or Alexander, but not just Al.
    Oliver - My brother's name, so of course I love it. It mostly has a place as a middle on my list.
    Jack - Love it! So handsome, sounds so good with my bf's last name. Shame it's so popular here
    James - This is a name that honours so many people I know. Constantly finding a place in the middle on my lists.
    William - Another family name, and yet another consistent middle.
    Benjamin - I have to admit, I'm not Benjamin's greatest just seems so overdone to me. The nn Benji is cute though.
    Waldo -
    Name loving BritBerry

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