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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    You are perhaps one of the few people I have come across that likes Scheherazade as well. I like it, it is just way too long and complex.
    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *peach* View Post


    (Most I would use as a fn if husband approved, some only as middles)
    Elowyn is a guilty pleasure of mine only because of the "trendy" y. I named a fairy Elowen in my novel.

    Seraphina is on my list for a future daughter.
    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

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    1. Sigourney -Literally thought of this one like a week ago and I'm in love, but I don't think I could use it unless I could think of a cute nn.
    2. Caoimhe (Kee-vah) -I love the spelling dearly it just looks gorgeous, the pronunciation is okay, but it's too hard for people to figure out.
    3. Vidalia (Vi-DAY-lee-ah) - It's apparently a city in Georgia but they say it differently, and it's a brand of onions I think. I love it prn. this way.
    4. Eulalie (Yoo-LAY-lee) -So gorgeous, maybe a little too out there though.
    5. Devereaux -Such a kick butt girl name. I can picture it in a book but not on my kid.
    6. Bronte -A girl in my dance class in college had this name and apparently its from an author. I don't read a lot haha. I love it.
    7. Tirzah -There was a girl I went to middle school with named this and I was so jealous, she spelled it differently but I like this spelling. I'm not very religious so I probably wouldn't use it.
    8. Juneau -I might actually use this as a middle name because I like a lot of random place names as boy middles so it might just be a thing I use to connect my sibset.
    9. Luella -It's so cute! But I feel like my daughter would hate me once she was a teenager.
    10. Esme -I don't like Twilight at all but this name is awesome. Obviously I don't want to use it and get questions like do you like twilight, team Edward or team Jacob?

    1. Griffin - I used to want to use this one, but it got a little popular thanks to Harry Potter I think, I have never seen it or read the books.
    2. Bogart nn. "Bogey" - I would use this on a dog. I love it so much.
    3. Guido - Thank you Cars. I love this, but I wouldn't use it on my child.
    4. Roman nn. "Romeo" -Is this usable? maayyyybe...
    5. Caledon -This is from Titanic right? I know he was called Cal but I don't remember. I think it's so handsome.
    6. Magnus - ABSOLUTE LOVE. My husband X-ed this one out as a middle, or even a dog name.
    7. Macaulay -It's just so one of a kind like Sigourney.
    8. Edelweiss - I know it's used on girls but doesn't it sound masculine at all?
    9. Riordan - It's just so cool. Except the fact that the first syllable is REAR
    10. Klaus - Vampire Diaries, That is all. I love Alaric also but I would totally use that.
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    1) Thackeray ( I would genuinely use this for a son, but I can't stand the thought of people assuming his name were Zachary and he had a lisp-"I'm Thackeray" -"Nice to meet you Zachary"-"No. THACKERAY! WITH A THH") Though if I ever went for it, he'd probably get Thatch or Thatcher

    2)Tucker- I LOVE this name so much, especially nn Tuck, but every time I see it I can't help thinking of cruel kids naming him with an F at the start of his name.

    3)Tolkien - Tolkie is such a cute name but I wouldn't want him associated with Hobbits for all his life. Maybe as a MN.

    4)Jack- too popular

    5)Lughaidh- (Lou-ie) I could never travel outside Ireland, and even there it'd be difficult to find someone who could pronounce it

    6)Noah/Jonah- I love both names but I don't think I could ever use them

    7)Albus - too associated with Dumbledore

    8)Shannon/Morgan/Corey- too girly


    10) Dawson


    1)Imogen nn Immy

    2) Cora

    3)Josephine NN Pheena (too grandma-y)

    4) Ceilidh (Keeley) Nobody would be able to pronounce it

    5)Elidh (Ayley) see above

    6) Monroe

    7) Hope/Faith


    9) Pilar (don't want her to get Piller)

    10) Olivia (love the name but name of a girl who used to bully me in school)

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