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    Nickname the previous signature!

    Similar to things I've seen before, but I know that a lot of people like names and struggle to find a shortened version that they like.

    So, anything goes, just find a nickname for each name/name combo on the previous poster's signature.
    Eg. Thomas = Tom, Elizabeth = Lizzie

    You can start with mine
    Happy naming!
    | Romilly Arianwen "Romy"| Astrid Valentina | Rosalie Jane Isabeau | Valentina Violet
    | Cosima Violet Roux "Kitt" | Marcèlla Jane Wildrose | Violet Elisabeth Amorie | Cosima Jane Wednesday | Astrid Vesper |

    | Remy | Ariadne | Lila | Anais | Everly

    Sebastian Beauregard "Seb"| Jasper Olivier "Jax/Jem"| Tristan Romulus |
    | Theodore Apollo "Theo" | Hugo Alexander Tiernan

    James | Tobias | Malachi | Remiel | Alexei | Otis

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    Romilly: Romy, Milly
    Anais: Annie, Ann
    Valentina: Val, Vally (or Valley)
    Cosima: Cosi
    Ariadne: Ari, Addie
    Willa: Short enough
    Annika: Nika
    Violet: Vi, Vivi (Viv-ee)
    Remy: Mimi
    Lila: Short enough

    Sebastian: Seb
    Jasper: Jazz
    Reid: Short enough
    Seth: Short enough
    James: Jamie
    Malachi: Kai
    Jace: Short enough
    Theron: Ron, Ronnie
    Theroux: Roo
    Jude: Short enough
    Remiel: Remy
    Thomas: Tom, Tommy
    Tristan: Tris
    Coraline Anastasia ✧ Helena Roxanne ✧ Scarlet Meredith

    ✧✨✧🌙 ✧✨✧

    Casper Jude ✧ Laurence Victor "Law" ✧ Leo Caspian/Victor

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    ~~Mummy to Isobel Yvonne Feb 2014~~
    ~~Baby Boy due August 2016~~

    Evelina, Tabitha, Adelaide,Flora, Neve, Verity, Vivienne, Ada, Violet, Rosalie, Carys, Esme, Florence,Eliza, Agatha, Beatrix

    Kieran,Soren, Malachi, Miles, Atticus, Rowan, Josiah, Ezra, Asher, Everett, Jude, Levi

    Rosalie Blythe~Esme Beatrix~Florence Verity~ Adelaide Pearl~Adeline Thea~
    Rowan Jude~Kieran James~Soren Ezra~Everett Josiah

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    The Forest Moon of Endor
    I'm just going to put nicknames down for those that I can find ones for.

    Rowan- Row
    Kieran- Ren
    Rosalie- Rosy
    Evelina- Evie or Lina
    Adelaide- Addy or Lady
    Malachi- Kai
    Eleanora- Ellie or Nora
    Lydia- Lady
    Maeve- Mae
    Ariadne- Ari
    Althea- Allie or Thea
    Georgiana- Georgia
    Agatha- Aggie (love this one)
    Clara- Clair
    Verity- Vera
    Judah- Jude
    Tobias- Toby
    Lysander- Ander
    Oliver- Ollie
    Wee Wizards
    Sawyer Levi - Lincoln Scott - Bridger Davis - Booker Isaiah - Grant Kellan - Hayes Rafferty - Mackenzie Bram - Silas Carson - Reed Benjamin - Lawlor Mark - Shepherd Luke - Dayton Lucas

    Witty Witches
    Arden Eliza - Greer Madeleine - Sloan Olivia - Jensyn Emmeline - Blaire Alexandra - Raleigh Eloise - Foster Isabel - Campbell Grey - Hollis Elaine - Lennon Sophie - Lillian Devrie - Madeleine Ivy - Halston Caroline - Lola Meredith - Spencer Violet - Katherine Amal

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    Leocadia Nathalie~Aurelia Solome~Eleanor Ria~Viola Fiammetta~Theodosia Clare~Henry George~Gabriel Joseph~Theodore Coleman
    Girls Names
    Eleanor~Viola~Clare~Natalia~Anna~Helen~Luna~Aurora ~Aurelia~Julia~Theodosia~Fiammetta~Magdalen~Clara~ Lucy~Beatrice~Flora~Elizabeth~Esther~Florence~Lydi a~Martha~Penelope~Maria~Celestia~Leocadia~Araceli
    Boys Names
    Henry~Theodore~August~Elias~Miles~Gabriel~George~S ampson~Bienvenu~Joy~Kai~Coleman

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