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    Josephine and Emmeline

    Are Josephine and Emmeline too close for sisters? I just think they might sound a bit rhymey with the -feen and -leen endings? (Emmeline would be pronounced emmy-leen, only pn hubby will agree to and my favourite anyway). What do you think?

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    With that pron, I wouldn't. Bit too matchy, I think. Sorry.

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    I think they are a little close, but doable, I have seen far worse. My concern would be if you have a 3rd daughter, she might feel left out with out an -een name. I really love both names so it would be hard to choose between the two. I think Emmeline might get mispronounced a lot depending on your location. A lot of people around here say Emma-lyn and I think Emma-line seems more mainstream and obvious when I look at the name. I have a hard time seeing the Emma-leen pronunciatio, but that is just a personal opinion.

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    I think they would be cute together! Only problem is you might get locked into a limit if you have another daughter.
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    imo they are way too close and as norseberry said, what would happen if you had a 3rd? I also prefer the emma-line pn.....
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