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    25 years on...

    Liam Christopher (35) pursued his career as a footballer and married Jasmine Faith (30) . After meeting in High school and dating for 3 years they got married and had a daughter 7 year on they are happy.

    DGD1: Alba Chelsea Farrell (7)

    Ava Louise (33) went on to be nurse and is engaged to Kevin Henry Smith (36) they met at work he is her boss.

    DGS2: Ethan Colton Smith (5)
    DGD2: Emelia Colette Smith (3)
    DGD3/DGS3: Eden Candice and Ellis Calvin (1week)

    Connor Maynard (27) became a Construction worker and is current single but has custody of his Son.

    DGS1: Scott Edward Farrell (10)

    Kennedy Grace (26) is a single stay at home mum.

    DGD: Ariana Sophie (6)
    DD: Annabelle Sarah (2)
    DD: Anika Selena (1)
    Heidi Amelia| Joel Dashiel| Lydia Briar| Elijah Peter| Lucy Colette| Carson Dale| Melissa Jasmine| Thomas Flynn| Zoe Belle| Jamie Christopher| Lilo Claire.

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    Your name: Lily Claire Evans

    When is your birthday? July 14

    Where did you grow up? Charlottesville, Virginia

    Who raised you? Mom and Dad
    Names: Kate and Roger

    Do you have any siblings? Yes
    If yes, how many? Two brothers and two sisters
    Names: Natalie, Kyle, Tom, Isabel
    What is the birth order? Natalie, Kyle, Tom, Lily, Isabel

    What did your childhood home look like?

    What college did you go to? Emerson College
    What did you major in college? Journalism

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Journalist


    What is your husband's name? George Henry Evans

    When was he born? Charlottesville, Virginia
    Where did he grow up? New York City, New York

    Who raised him? Single dad

    Does he have any siblings? Yes
    If yes, how many? Two sisters
    Names: Anna and Kate
    What is the birth order? George, Kate, Anna

    What does his childhood home look like?

    How did you meet him? Through his sister, Kate.
    If you did not meet DH while in college, what school did he go to? University of Vermont, in Burlington, Vermont
    If you did not meet DH while in college, where did you move to after you graduated? New York City, New York
    What did he major in? Architecture
    What does he want to do for work? Architect

    What was the first date like? What did you do? We went to a little coffee shop and then for a walk in the park.


    How long do you and DH date for? 3 years

    How does DH propose? In the coffee shop where we had our first date.
    What kind of wedding do you have? Plain, simple and small.
    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Athens, Greece
    Where do you move to after your wedding? New York City, New York

    You and DH buy a house together after 6 months of marriage. What does it look like?

    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids? 9 months.


    How many kids do you have? 3, 2 girls and one boy.
    What are your kids' names, in birth order? Lucy Alice [10], Henry Isaac [5] and Reese Taylor [3]

    What do your kids look like?


    Lucy married a man named Carl, and had one son, George Micah, who is four. She is a lawyer and they live in Chicago.

    Henry married a woman named Elise, and had two children, a boy and a girl, named Andrew Kenneth and Lacey Abigail, both four years old. He is a firefighter and they live in Chicago.

    Reese married a man named Greyson, and had three daughters, Amy Charlotte, 15, Rose Martha, 10, and Blair Donna, 5. She is an English teacher and they live in Boston.

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    Jaimie Hannah- Grows up to be a kindergarten teacher. And marries a first grade teacher. She has 3 kids. The oldest twins a girl and a boy- Gertrude Lily and George Lucas. Then 3 years later another girl named Mariah Lindon.

    Jessica Hailey- Grows up to be a stay at home mom. Her husband is a doctor. They have two sons. Emmanual Lewis. and 3 years later Erwin James.

    Jade Samantha- When she is 15 has a boy named Marcus Yin. Goes to college and becomes a resturant manager then remarries and has another son 5 years later named Marlin Yan.

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    My name is Emily Jane Harper.

    I was born on October 18th to my parents Jason Nathaniel Harper Sr. and Lydia Grace Harper.

    I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with my siblings: Jason Nathaniel (Nate) Harper Jr., the eldest (I came a year younger than him); Bridget Elizabeth Harper, the third eldest; Samuel James (Sam) Harper, the fourth eldest and Chloe Isabel Harper, the baby.

    My childhood home:

    I went to King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to pursue a major in Psychology in hopes of becoming a Children's Psychologist.


    My husband's name is Caspar Isaac Montgomery.

    He was born on May 21st to his parents who sadly passed away in a car accident when he was 5 and his sisters were 2. He was raised by his grandparents Isaac Jonathan Montgomery and Clara Isabella Montgomery.

    He grew up in Austin, Texas with his twin sisters: Charlotte Elise Montgomery, the eldest of the twins (He's the eldest child) and Cecilia Marie Montgomery, the youngest.

    His childhood home:

    Caspar and I met through a mutual friend, Jamie Cosgrove. Jamie was attending college in Austin and I moved there and was rooming with her as I had already graduated. Jamie met Caspar and introduced us.

    Caspar attended college at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia and majored in Medicine. He wanted to become a Pediatric Surgeon.


    Caspar and I date for 2 years before he proposes.
    We are married in a beautiful ceremony taking place in a gorgeous cathedral. We go to Ireland for our honeymoon.
    We move back to Austin after the wedding.
    We buy a house together 6 months after the wedding:
    We wait one year before we start trying for kids.


    DS/DS: Theodore Silas (Theo) & Alfred Lionel (Alfie) [5]
    DD: Viola Maeve [1]
    DS: Felix Sebastian [NB]


    Theo married a woman named Eliza and together they have four children: Oliver James, Henry Edmund, Clara Louise and Alice Amelia.

    Alfie married a woman named Spencer and together they have two children: Edison Rhys and Phoebe Gwendolyn.

    Viola married a man named Gabe and together they have three children: Maverick Eamon, Sterling Rhett and Roman Fletcher.

    Felix married a woman named Pippa and together they have two children: Atticus Flynn and Allegra Kate.
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. India. Jane. Ramona. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Finley. Theodore. Tobias.

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    Si: Wife, Ingrid Anastasia, 3 sons, Levi James, Ezra Christian, and Micah William
    Ele: Husband, Daniel Malachai 'Danny', 3 daughters, Phoebe Isis, Clio Freya, and Aurora Etain 'Rory'
    Cora: Husband, Ronan Jude Rigby 'R.J.', 1 daughter, Rhiannon Fleur
    Belle: Husband Timothy Paul Jameson 'Tim', 2 girls, 1 boy Flannery Mabel, Thisbe Hazel, and Hugo Vincent
    Kat: Husband Michael Robert Takac 'Mike' 3 daughters, Saskia Brygid, Elodie Mina, & Gemma Zofia

    Nell & Auggie
    Si & Ingrid, Levi, Ezra, & Micah
    Ele & Danny, Phoebe, Clio, & Rory
    Cora & R.J., Rhiannon
    Belle & Tim, Flannery, Thisbe, & Hugo
    Kat & Mike, Saskia, Elodie, & Gemma
    Hannah, 15. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Gryffindor, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

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