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    Rhode Island

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    England, West Midlands
    Lucie Annabel Zoe nee Kent (31)
    Husband: Jonathan Henry Green (33)
    DS: Finn Thomas Green (10)
    DD: Evangeline "Evie" Lyra Green (7)
    DS: Liam Jonathan Green (5)

    Gemma Madeline Lily Evans nee Kent (29)
    Husband: Benjamin Jack Evans (29)
    DS: James Benjamin Evans (7)
    DD: Poppy Eleanor Evans (4)

    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Simona Gossett.
    Husband: Jasper Gossett.

    1. Holden Tobias Gossett.
    - DW: Hazel Gossett.
    ... Mila Gossett.
    ... Zora Gossett.

    2. Kaya Mathilda Gossett.
    - DH: Benjamin Fitz-Kenneth.
    ... Xavier Fitz-Kenneth.

    3. Jamie Gossett.
    - DH: Michael Davidson.
    ... Kellan Davidson.
    ... Miles Davidson.
    ... Atticus Davidson.

    4. Zachary Gossett.
    - DW: Macy Gossett.
    ... Joel Gossett.
    ... Thomas Gossett.
    ... Charlotte Gossett.
    ... Beatrix Gossett.

    5. (Adopted) Piper Gossett.
    - DH: Lachlan Tisdale.
    ... Caleb Tisdale.
    ... Silas Tisdale.

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    You: Clara Diane (Hardcastle) Green
    Your husband: Harry Theodore Green

    DD1; Lydia Estelle (Green) Higgins
    -DH: Sean Alexander Higgins
    --DD: Mona Yvette Higgins
    --DD: Aubrey Colleen Higgins
    --DS: Hamish Alan Higgins

    DD2: Bryony Nora (Green) McCallister
    -DH: Duncan James McCallister
    --DD: Stephanie Mabel McCallister
    --DS: Gareth Willem McCallister
    --DD: Delia Juliet McCallister

    DD3: Camille Donna (Green) Horn
    -DH: Casey Joel Horn
    --DS: Cooper Elliot Horn
    --DS: Caleb Donovan Horn
    --DS: Clyde Sebastian Horn

    DD4: Siobhan Clara Green
    -gf: Hayley Prudence Fontaine
    --ADD: Leilani Muriel Green-Fontaine

    DD5: Phoebe Margaret (Green) Rosenthal
    -DH: Colin Marley Rosenthal
    --DD: Lucy Mirabel Rosenthal
    --DD: Ellen Ottilie Rosenthal
    --DD: Vera Astrid Rosenthal
    22 year old writer, teacher and name collector.

    Ramona June ~ Rowan Barbara ~ Audrey Rosetta ~ Zelda Felicity ~ Aphra Francine ~ Briony Auden ~ Alba Evelyn ~Tamora Fable ~Io Salome
    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen Bradley~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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    teenberry. australia.

    mummy to my perfect angel, william everett.
    always loved, never forgotten.

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