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    Lily Alice ~ 16

    Arabella Verity | Clara Emanuelle | Electra Liesel | Flora Severine
    Benedict Peter | Dimitri Jasper | Dominic Christian | Gabriel Floyd
    Ginevra Mallory | Juliette Ophelia | Lavinia Felicity | Rosalie Vasilisa
    Henry Fox | Oscar Nathaniel | Spencer Lucas | Theodore James

    All of the Ladies and All of the Gentlemen

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    [FONT=Book Antiqua][B]Mummy to two little princes born 16/1/14[/B] :D
    A: Arthur Florian Edward Wright
    B: Frederick "Freddie" Robin Jude Wright

    Baby number three expected to land in April 2015!

    ♂ [COLOR="#FF0000"]Phineas † Henry † Leo † Sebastian † Jasper † Conrad † Hugh † Theo † Jay † Tobias † Charlie † Isaac*[/COLOR]
    ♀ [COLOR="#0099cc"]Lyra ‡ Florence ‡ Hermione ‡ Eleanor ‡ Isla ‡ Martha ‡ Emelia ‡ Beatrice ‡ Eliza ‡ Esther ‡ Susannah*[/COLOR]

    *See my whole lists here: [URL=""][COLOR="#FF0000"]Boys[/COLOR][/URL], [URL=""][COLOR="#0099cc"]Girls[/COLOR][/URL][/FONT]

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    We have six children. They are all a beautiful mix of me and Malcom.

    Our first child is Jonah William. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Jonah grew up to be a very determined child and played professional soccer. He didn't do very well in school, but he tried. He was the protector of his siblings and ended up becoming a soccer coach.

    Our second child is Hanna Grace. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Hanna grew up as a cheerleader and was very popular in school. Although she made a few mistakes, she always found her path in the end.Hanna went to college on a cheerleading scholarship and decided to become a kindergarten teacher.

    Our third child is Nathan Andrew. He has blonde hair and green eyes. Nathan was the mischievous child and got into lots of trouble. He was super intelligent, but didn't try as hard in school as he should've been. He played a little soccer before falling in love with the sport swimming. After high school, he grew up and followed his father's footsteps into the medical field.

    Our fourth child is Clara Irene. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Clara loved to sing and dance, even as a child. She was average at school but was a musical prodigy at the piano and was a very beautiful singer.She was a natural at dancing and was cast as the lead in all the shows, even as a freshman. After high school, she skipped college and moved to New York. She was Glenda and the revival of the broadway show, Wicked, for about seven years until the show ran its course. After that she moved to Los Angeles and put out a CD, which won a grammy, and became an actress in multiple movies and got her own television show.

    Our fifth child is Damian Scott. He has brown hair with green eyes. Damian is the super intelligent whiz kid and could put stuff together at young ages. He skipped multiple grades in school, graduating college at 16. He is a great contributor to Apple, who now is the CEO of the company after Steve Jobs died.

    Our last child is Harper Kathleen. She has strawberry blonde hair with hazel eyes. Harper is the religious child with the kindest hearts in the world. She's very smart and charismatic. Harper grew up to be a missionary in other countries. She was a nutritionist in Guatemala and Uganda. She then moved to Russia to help the orphans in cruel orphanages and/or sex trafficking. Once she wanted to settle down and have a family, she moved back to Cambridge and became a youth group leader at the church, inspiring kids to do great things through their faith.

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    I have three daughters:
    Amelie Helen, Cecelia Jospehine, & Felicity Amabel.
    Amelie has wavy auburn hair and grey-green eyes, with a heart shaped face and a cleft chin. Cecelia has pale brown, wavy hair, green eyes, a heart shaped face, and dimples. Felicity has very fine, straight, blonde hair, pale bright green eyes, heart shaped face, sort of broad forehead, aquiline nose, and cleft chin.

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    A sixteen year old name addict.

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