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    My name is Sierra Tracy Mendez. I was born on May 5th. I grew up in a beautiful and small two-story brick home with a porch and a garage on the side in Santa Barbara, California. I was raised by my aunt and uncle: Larissa Stephanie Pennington, née Mendez and Kendall Frederick Pennington. I don’t have any siblings.

    I drove through the country to go to college in Connecticut when I was of age. I went to the University of Hartford. I majored in Computer Engineering Technology. I really wanted to become a Computer Engineer.
    After college, I moved to Pompano Beach, in Florida where I found a job as a computer engineer. I made great friends over there. One night, I went to Keegan’s party – Keegan was a great colleague I really like. Keegan introduced me to a friend of his who came from New York: his name was Marlon Rudolph Powers. We started talking and discovered we were born on the same day. Other than that, our lives had been really different. I grew up in California when he grew up in a new suburban house in New York. He had a very traditional family when I had never known my parents. His parents, Cade Dallas Powers and Kaylin Irma Powers, nee Mitchell had 6 kids: Marlon first, then Aine Sheryl, then Bobbi Taylah, then Melissa Jayda and finally Randolph Rocky. I went to university in Connecticut when he went to the American University in Washington, D.C. where he majored in Religious Studies. He then became a professor of religious history in Miami.
    While we were talking, we found out we shared a great passion for old cinema and salsa. We agreed on a date: we were going to the movies and then to a salsa club in Miami.
    We had been dating for 5 years when Marley proposed: we went to our favorite salsa club and he proposed to me there. We had a traditional Cuban wedding and went to Cuba, my native land, on our honeymoon. 7 months after the wedding, we moved to Yonkers in his native state where we bought a luxury brick home with a three-car garage.

    Use this dice:

    Names are all your choice. When deciding birth orders, roll the dice for how many months/years the children are apart from each other in age. Feel free to add pictures, descriptions, etc.

    We had six beautiful daughters: our first one was born 12 years ago and we named her after my mother and my grandmother, Olivia Cynthia. The second is 10: her name is Terrie America. Much later, we had twins: Itzel Candace and Bethany Teresa who are now 4. Our fifth girl is 3: her name is Lauryn Cecelia. Our baby girl is only 2 and her name is Leticia Delaney.

    DH: Marlon Rudolph Powers
    DW: Sierra Tracy Powers, née Mendez

    DD: Olivia Cynthia Powers (12)
    DD: Terrie America Powers(10)
    DD/DD: Itzel Candace Powers / Bethany Teresa Powers (4)
    DD: Lauryn Cecelia Powers (3)
    DD: Leticia Delaney Powers (2)

    Marley & Sierra with Liv, Terrie, Itzie, Betty, Lauryn & Tish

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    You have three children, two girls & a boy.

    Caroline Amelia Walters - 10 blonde hair blue eyes. Sweet girl who loves animals and school.
    Vivienne Iris Walters - 6. Blonde hair blue eyes. Spitfire. Loves gymnastics and soccer.
    Alexander samuel Walters - 4. Sandy blond hair. Blue eyes. Looks up to his older sisters, especially Vivi.
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    Your name: Teresa Dene Danner

    When is your birthday? July 5th

    Where did you grow up?
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Who raised you?
    Names:Charles Russell and Freda Louise Johnson

    Do you have any siblings?

    What did your childhood home look like? Roll the dice

    What college did you go to?
    Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts

    What did you major in college? Elementary education

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Kindergarten teacher

    What is your husband's name? Barry Richard Kander

    When was he born? October 10th

    Where did he grow up?
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Who raised him?
    Mom and Dad
    Names: Melvin Lewis and Adele Rose Kander

    Does he have any siblings?

    If yes, how many?
    One brother
    Names: Stuart Andrew Kander

    What is the birth order?

    What does his childhood home look like?

    How did you meet him?
    Through a mutual friend--George Haffelt

    If you did not meet DH while in college, what school did he go to?
    American University in Washington, D.C.

    If you did not meet DH while in college, where did you move to after you graduated?
    Salem, Massachusetts

    What did he major in? Business

    What does he want to do for work? Own his own business

    What was the first date like? What did you do?
    It was a lot of fun. We did the tourist thing in Salem, in late October.

    How long do you and DH date for?
    5 years

    How does DH propose?
    He hired a skywriter to write "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" on my birthday.

    What kind of wedding do you have?
    A simple church wedding with family and close friends.

    Where do you go for your honeymoon?

    Where do you move to after your wedding?
    You stay in the city you moved to after graduating college--Salem, Massachusetts

    You and DH buy a house together after five months of marriage. What does it look like?

    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids?
    8 months

    You have four children, three boys & a girl.

    DS: Jacob Benjamin Kander
    DD: Rebecca Anne Kander
    DS/DS: Anthony Michael and Andrew Matthias Kander

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Shoshanna Alice Conrad and Oliver Pierce Conrad

    You have three children, two girls & a boy.

    DS: James Adrian Conrad
    Birthday: May 3rd, 2015
    Looks: Green eyes. Brown hair.

    DD: Lena Marion Conrad
    Birthday: April 26th, 2016
    Looks: Green eyes. Blonde hair.

    DD: Naomi Eleanor Conrad
    Birthday: October 13th, 2020
    Looks: Blue eyes. Brown hair.

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    A year after getting married they have their first son
    Greyson Martin Ross
    Grey has gray eyes and light brown hair

    3 years later they have twin girls
    Charlotte Wren Ross & Kensington Kate Ross
    Char has light brown hair & gray eyes while her twin sister K has gray eyes and blonde hair.

    Just 1 year later they welcome another little girl
    Eloise Meredith Ross
    Ellie haslight brown hair & blue eyes

    4 years later by surprise they have their final child a baby boy named
    Callum Benjamin Ross
    Cal has blonde hair & blue eyes

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