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    Initials & Opposite Gender

    Last Name: H

    Dad initials: LM

    Mom initials: JC

    DS: VA

    DS: LM

    DD: EV

    DS: BL

    DS: PR

    DS: KA

    New Baby: Girl Name: RA or CJ, Boy name RG or MR

    Opposite Gender

    Dad: JC

    Mom: LM

    DD: VA

    DD: LM

    DS: EV

    DD: BL

    DD: PR

    DD: KA

    New baby: Girl name: RG or MR, Boy name: CJ or RA

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    Last Name: Hawthorne

    Dad initials: Lachlan Montgomery

    Mom initials: Juliet Cosima (Jett)

    DS: Vale Augustine

    DS: Leander Malachi

    DD: Elizabeth Verity (Libby)

    DS: Bellamy Ludovic

    DS: Phineas Rupert

    DS: Killian Arthur

    New Baby: Girl Name: Rose Adelaide or Cressida Jessamine, Boy name Rowan Gideon or Moses Raphael (Moe)

    Opposite Gender

    Dad: James Conrad (Jem)

    Mom: Lavinia Maeve

    DD: Vada Araminta

    DD: Lyra Magnolia

    DS: Ezekiel Valentin (Zeke)

    DD: Beatrix Louisa

    DD: Philippa Rowena (Pippa)

    DD: Keturah Adelaide

    New baby: Girl name: Rose Genevieve or Matilda Ruth (Maude), Boy name: Caspian Jasper or Rufus August

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    Last Name: Howlett

    Dad initials: Lewis Michael

    Mom initials: Jacinta Clarice

    DS: Vincent Andrew

    DS: Lewis Michael

    DD: Evangeline Victoria

    DS: Barnaby Lucas

    DS: Peter Richard

    DS: Kieran Anthony

    New Baby: Catherine Jacinta

    Opposite Gender

    Dad: Jeremy Carl

    Mom: Louisa Marie

    DD: Vanessa Anne

    DD: Larissa Marie

    DS: Emmett Valor

    DD: Belinda Louisa

    DD: Penelope Regina

    DD: Katherine Angela

    New baby: Cedric Jeremy

    oop. I thought you had to choose a set of initials for the baby. Very nice selections guys!
    Emma Joy l 25 l Married l Australia

    Hoping for a 2015 baby!

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