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    DH: Augustine Nicholias Maverick
    DW: Penelope Lilliana Maverick

    Mack & I are 30 when we decide to have kids.
    Mack, a novelist, agreed to be a stay at home
    dad, because he could easily do most of his
    job from home. So, I'd work at the FBI, & go
    on short as possible maternity leaves whenever
    I got pregnant. We were both only children,
    (I was raised by my only sibling, who is 20
    years older than I), & although we both had
    great childhoods, we decided to have at least
    3 kids. Little did we know that we'd end up
    with a house full of 6 sons:

    1. Lorcan Augustus Maverick.
    Lori is our ladies man, he just doesn't know it.
    He is obsessed with science, & is pretty
    intelligent, but is really only fascinated with
    science. He has dark brown hair, with dark
    brown eyes. He is modest, but usually is
    outgoing, but not extraordinarily so. He's 5'11".

    2. Parker Elliot Maverick.
    Parker is named after my brother,
    Parker Elliot Cillian James. My son goes by
    Parker, like my brother. Parker is identical
    to my husband. They both have chestnut
    hair & hazel eyes. They're both tall, Parker is
    6'3" , & so is Mack. However, Parker isn't a
    writer, Parker dances.

    3. Jedediah Tuesday Maverick.
    Jed has chestnut hair & pale green eyes.
    Like his namesake, my best friend (Tuesday
    Anastasia Smith-King), Jed is an artist. He
    is 5'7", & wears his hair long. It reaches
    halfway down his back, & he wears it in a
    ponytail. He sculpts & paints.

    4. Gage Callisto Maverick.
    Gage is the athlete. He plays football, soccer,
    tennis, baseball, & he surfs. He is 5'9". Gage has
    dark brown hair & hazel eyes. His middle name
    is after Mack's best friend (my best friend's
    husband), Kaspar Callisto King. He is loud &
    outgoing & focused.

    5. Nicholias James Maverick.
    Nicholias has dark blonde curls & hazel eyes. He
    looks like his namesake, his paternal grandfather.
    Nicholias is 5'7" & looks the least like Mack.
    However, he is the most like him, personality wise.
    He is quiet, funny, focused & likes to read & write.
    James is my maiden name.

    6. Clyde Percival Maverick.
    Clyde's coloring matches Lori & I; dark brown eyes
    & hair. Clyde's hair is wavy, parted down the
    middle, and reaches right past his shoulders. He
    wants to be in the FBI, like me. Percival was my
    mentor in the FBI. He is the baby, but ends up the
    tallest, at 6'4".
    Sari, lover of names.

    The enchanting little witches: Euphemia, Cressida, Ottoline & Hermione.
    The charming young wizards: Bartholmew, Zephyr, Cosmo & Lucian.

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    We have 6 daughters!!

    Lyla Christine
    1 yr later
    Kerri Briana
    2 yrs later
    Taylor Lauren
    1 yr later
    Maggie Ann
    2 yr later
    Danielle 'Dani' Sophia
    1 yr later
    Claire Elizabeth

    'Lyla, Kerri, Taylor, Maggie, Dani and Claire'

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    If you rolled an EVEN number, roll it again here:
    4. You have five children, three girls & two boys.

    1: Seth Austin
    Birthday: October 4 (age: 12)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, blue eyes.

    2: Erica Beth
    Birthday: March 11 (age: 10)
    Looks: Light brown/dark blonde hair, blue eyes.

    3: Violet Jo
    Birthday: January 2 (age: 7)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

    4: Thomas Gordon
    Birthday: May 10 (age: 5)
    Looks: Dark blonde/light brown hair, brown eyes.

    5: Nola Juliette
    Birthday: September 9 (age: 1)
    Looks: Dark brown hair, blue eyes.
    ♂ Ellis Christopher / Asher Estlin / Seth Joshua / Gordon Thomas / Russell Joseph ♂
    ♀ Marilyn Kay / Joanna Kathryn / Tessa Diane / Nola Elaine / Christine Ruby ♀

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    Katie and Jason ended up not wanting any kids but unexpectatly found out Katie was pregnant 4 years after their honeymoon, Katie had a little boy they named Xavier Jonas Lou. He was a shy little boy who ended up gay.

    What are your kids' names, in birth order?

    What do your kids look like? (your choice)

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