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    Lily Claire Blackwell
    -birthday: July 14th

    My name is Lily Claire Blackwell and I'm from Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I was raised by my grandparents in a teal, cobblestone house. I have a younger brother and younger sister, James and Charlotte. After high school, I went to the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut. I majored in journalism.

    Henry Connor Montgomery
    -birthday: May 2nd

    His name is Henry Connor Montgomery and he's from New York City, New York, where he was raised by both parents in a cobblestoned house in the country. He has one older brother and two younger sisters, Charlie, Grace and Alice. After high school, he went to Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia. He majored in architecture.

    We met through a mutual friend, Ruby, and moved to Boston few years later. Our first date was ice skating at the local rink and dinner after. We dated for three years before getting engaged. He proposed over dinner in our favourite restaurant and we married a year later in the park. We honeymooned in Athens, Greece, and then moved to Hartford, Connecticut to a big, old fashioned house. We start having kids 7 months after we get married.

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    Tell a story! Feel free to add descriptions, pictures, etc.

    How long do you and DH date for? Roll the dice
    3. 1 year

    How does DH propose? (your choice)
    He is called to be a volunteer during an improv show. The skit was the proposal.

    What kind of wedding do you have? (your choice)
    Small outdoor

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? (your choice)

    Where do you move to after your wedding? Roll the dice

    3. You stay in the city you moved to after graduating college
    Montpelier, Vermont

    For this next part, use this dice: ttp://

    You and DH buy a house together after (ROLL THE DICE) months of marriage. What does it look like? Roll the dice


    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids? (roll the dice)
    8 months
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (June 2012) & Parker Isabella (Oct 2013)


    My full list here. Please comment and I'll comment on yours
    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    (Not currently expecting or TTC)

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    Elizabeth Holly Porter was born on the 1st of December in New York City to her parents Isabelle Miriam, a teacher, and Joseph William Porter, a doctor, three years after their marriage. She has wavy dark brown hair and grey eyes, taking after her father. She was spoiled as an only child. As a teenager she often finds herself in trouble and at age 15 is sent to a boarding school, where she finds a love of writing. At 18, she begins to attend Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York, majoring in English Literature.

    Her husband's name is Cassian Edward Harper. He has dark blond hair and green eyes. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia with his paternal grandparents, Dorothy 'Dot' Grace and Oscar Lee Harper, from the age of four, as his parents Stephen Edward and Virginia 'Ginny' Marie Harper (nee Flynn) were found dead in their homes one morning of a suspected drug overdose. Stephen was 35 and Ginny 27. Cassian's twin sisters, Paloma Eve and Georgia Ellen were 10 months old at the time. Cassian and Elizabeth meet in college, when he's 21 and she's 19, as they are both majoring in English Literature. Cassian wants to be a script writer.

    Cassian and Elizabeth are good friends for months before Cassian asks her out on a date. They go to an amusement park together and kissed on the ferris wheel. From that moment, they both realise they are perfect for each other.

    Shortly after the first date, Cassian tells Elizabeth that he'a looking for a room mate after moving into his first apartment. She jumps at the chance to move in with him.

    Cassian and Elizabeth date for four years before he proposes. He does so while they're on a midnight walk on a beach in Florida where they are staying for the summer. The wedding, held in New York, is small and intimate, they invite only 50 guests. They get married in a church. Elizabeth's dress is a big traditional gown with a corset. They honeymoon in Paris. After the wedding, they move to Millerton, New York and buy a house together, and decide to wait two years before starting a family.

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    Me: Sofia Rose Esparanza
    DH: Jason Elliot Scottsdale

    How long do you and DH date for? Roll the dice
    5. 3 years

    How does DH propose? He takes me back to the boardwalk where we had our first date and while I'm not paying attention he gets on one knee and asks me to marry him.

    What kind of wedding do you have? Small, family and close friends only
    My dress:
    Jason's tux:
    Our cake:

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Rome, Italy

    Where do you move to after your wedding? Roll the dice
    1. A town or city in the state you grew up in (Dallas, Texas)

    You and DH buy a house together after 4 months of marriage. What does it look like? Roll the dice

    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids? 5 months

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    LN: Mills
    DH (26): Finn Trevor
    DW (26): Matilda Charlotte "Mattie" (Schneider)

    Finn and Mattie dated for six months. Finn proposed to her at the beach when they vacationed together. They have a small, intimate wedding and honeymoon in Greece. They settled in Atlanta, GA.


    The Mills Family
    Finn & Mattie

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