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    Jeromy and I were dating for 5 years before he proposed. It was on Christmas with my family and we had nearly finished opening presents, when Jer gently grabbed my hand and knelt down. Before I knew what was happening, I was staring at a beautiful circle of silver, topped with a square diamond and accented with tiny peridot stones (our mutual birthstones). I quickly said yes, but not before tears of happiness filled my eyes. We decided to have a winter wonderland wedding, then we instantly jetted off to our 3-week-long honeymoon of touring Europe. When we returned, we decided to move to Hartford, Connecticut, because we were both given good job offers in the vicinity. After we settled down for a few months in Hartford, we decided to buy a house. We had discussed it before, but we both wanted a lot of kids, so a big house was definitely needed. However, we wanted our careers to be stable before we started trying for them, so we waited about 3 years.

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