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    How long do you and Luke date for?

    2. 18 months

    How does Luke propose? A tradicional propose

    What kind of wedding do you have? A Winter wedding

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Italy

    Where do you move to after your wedding? Roll the dice

    6. A town or city in the state Luke went to college

    You and Luke buy a house together after 9 months of marriage. What does it look like? Roll the dice


    How many months/years do you and Luke wait before you start having kids? 3 months

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    Her name is Ophelia Claire Johnson. She was born on July 22nd,1980. She grew up in London, UK and raised by her divorced mother, whose name is Freya Nadine. She has three siblings, two older sisters and a twin brother. Their names are Marguerite Anne, Isabella Snow and Christopher Louis.She went to St.John's College in Cambridge and studied Linguistics as she always wanted to become a linguist.

    Her husband's name is Domenico Rossinelli. He was born on September 19th 1975. He grew up in Verona and raised up by his paternal aunt and her husband, as his parents died on a car accident when he was newborn. In fact, both he and his twin sister are named after their parents, Domenico Rossinelli and Alessia Sapienti-Rossinelli. His paternal aunt is named Barbara Rossinelli-Vinci. His uncle's name is Giuseppe Vinci. Except of his twin sister, he has four more siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Their names are Leandro, Renato, Amadea and Valeria. His aunt and his uncle also had two daughters and a son. Imelda is two years older than Domenico, Chiara is the same age and Marcello is three years younger.

    Domenico and Ophelia met through his brother, Leandro. When Leandro was 30 years old (Domenico was 23 and Ophelia 18), he moved to London in order to work. His house was next to Ophelia's, so the first time Domenico travelled to London to visit him, he met Ophelia. Domenico studied Music in Rome as his dream was to become a musician. After he met Ophelia, he moved to the UK in order to be with her. After Ophelia graduated, they moved to Milan, Italy. He worked as a musician in Teatro alla Scala and she started working as a linguist.

    They had been dating for almost five years when he finally proposed. After Ophelia graduated, he waited until her birthday. On July 22nd 2003, he acted like he didn't remember her birthday and asked everyone's help, not to tell her "Happy Birthday" and give her presents. Ophelia thought that everyone had forgotten her birthday but Domenico had secretly organized a birthday party. When she returned home, she was excited. After the party when everyone had left, he gave her a present, the wedding ring, and he proposed to her.

    They decided to marry soon and on August 1st, they celebrated their wedding. The ceremony was held in Sicily, near the sea. The number of guests was very small. They were just 38:
    Barbara Rossinelli-Vinci and her husband Giuseppe Vinci
    Leandro and his wife Isabella with their daughter Alessandra
    Renato and his wife Maria with their children, Domenico and Francesca
    Amadea and her husband Giovanni
    Valeria and her husband Silvio with their son Natalio
    Imelda and her husband Michelangelo
    Chiara and her boyfriend Teodoro
    Marcello and his girlfriend Marianna
    Freya Nadine Johnson
    Marguerite Anne and her husband Robert Frederick with their children, Elizabeth, Alexander and Isadora
    Isabella Snow and her husband Jean-Baptiste with their children, Delphine and Celeste
    Christopher Louis and his girlfriend Ireland Maeve
    Josephine May Evans, Ophelia's best friend, and her boyfriend Harper Linus
    Angelo Valentini, Domenico's best friend, and his wife Vittoria with their children Fabiano and Ignacio

    They went in Thailand for their honeymoon.

    After their wedding they decided to live in Milan, Italy, when he worked as a musician in Teatro alla Scala and she started working as a linguist. They bought a house together less than a month after their marriage. It looks like
    Six months later they decided to start having kids.

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    PART 1

    My name is Ashleigh Mitra Chandler. I was born on June 13th, 1979. I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my grandparents, my mom's parents, Luella Maureen Everly and Donald Carson Everly. I have an older brother named Jace Elijah Chandler, who was born on October 5th, 1975. My childhood home looked like this: 2.
    I went to King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I majored in education, mainly Algebra and Enriched English Language Arts (Enriched English Language Arts, or EELA, is for students who excel at reading class and need a more challenging class.) When I was younger, first I wanted to be an astronaut, then a nurse, then a teacher, then a vet, then a nurse again, and finally I settled on teacher.

    PART 2

    My husband's name is Janson Neil Rafferty. He was born November 2nd, 1977. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia. His aunt and uncle raised him. Their names were Margaret Rose Thompson and Wesley James Thompson. He was an only child. His childhood home look like this:
    I met Janson through work; my first job at the city I moved to after graduation, Richmond.
    Janson went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He majored in Education, primarily on the topics of History and Biology. I moved to Richmond, where I met Janson. We both were new that year at the public high school we were working at; he was a History Teacher; I was an Algebra teacher. Janson has always wanted to be a teacher; his aunt and uncle were teachers, too.
    Our first date was at my apartment, grading papers together. We both taught 9th Grade. It didn't really start out as a date, but by the end he kissed me on the cheek, and it kind of just started.

    PART 3

    Janson and I only dated for 6 months; we went really fast; we just clicked in that way. By the second month we were proclaiming out love for each other, and on the 6th month he popped out the ring. We were at a nice dinner at the local fancy place, and he popped the ring. It wasn't anything really special, but it didn't need to be. He didn't need to impress me or woo me; he'd already done that long ago.
    We had a quiet wedding with close family and friends at our local church. We honeymooned in the Grand Cayman Islands. After the honeymoon we moved back to my hometown, Cambridge, Massachusetts. We bought a house after 4 months of marriage. Our house looked like this:
    We waited 10 months before we started having kids.

    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.

    Girls: Mae/Maeve, Thea, Nya, Elle, Ophelia, Ascension, Gaetana, Walburga, Diana, Anneliese, Calliope, Cassiopeia, Cadence, Sheba/Bathsheba, Gioia, Teresa, Geraldine, Leanna, Melisande, Melanie, Ophelia, and Freya

    Unisex: Harper, Piper, and Lorca

    Boys: Xander, Elias, Esai, Tristan/Tristas, Zacharias, Carlisle, Caleb, Jake/Jacoby, Joseph (Joey), and Kyle/Lyle.

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