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    How long do you and DH date for?
    4. 2 years

    How does DH propose? On Christmas morning

    What kind of wedding do you have? Religious wedding in a cathedral

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Rome, Italy

    Where do you move to after your wedding? Roll the dice
    1. A town or city in the state you grew up in

    You and DH buy a house together after (ROLL THE DICE) months of marriage. What does it look like?

    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids? 3 years

    My name is Madeline Grace McElhaney. I was born September 15th, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. When I was less than two months old, my parents were killed in a tragic car accident. My godparents (and aunt and uncle), Louisa Marie and Andrew David McElhaney, took me in. They had a two year old daughter, Bridget Elizabeth, who eventually became my sister. My Uncle Andrew worked at a well-to-do law firm and my Aunt Louisa was a stay-at-home mom for Bridget and me. We had a fun, easy childhood going to a Catholic elementary school and a prestigious public high school. At an early age, I started to develop an interest in science. When I could, I persuaded Bridget to do experiments with me, which often involved plants, flowers, and being outside. As I grew up, though, and began to learn about different kind of sciences, I realized I really liked genetics. When it came time to pick a college, I immediately knew my major would be science and my minor would be genetics. I left my family home ( when I was 18, ready to pursue my dream of being a geneticist.

    Two years after first coming to school, I meet a girl called Cecelia Kensington Whitley. We become close friends quite quickly. One spring, she invites me to come to her hometown (Austin, TX) for a weekend. I accept happily and fly home with her from Wilkes-Barre. The first day we get there, her dad, George Michael Whitley, decides to take us all to a local block party. We get there early, around six, and already cars are up and down the street. Over the next few hours, I get to meet Cecelia's twin sisters, Jillian Alice and Hollis Munroe Whitley, who are eighteen, and her little brother, George Michael Whitley, Junior. I also meet her older brother, Stephen Christopher Whitley. When I first met him, I thought that he was quite cocky and definitely very smart. But after spending another day with Stephen, I found out I really liked him. He was born January 31st, 1990, in Lubbock, Texas. His family moved to Austin after his mother died from cancer. As a child, he always wanted to be a construction worker, but his father wanted him to be a lawyer. So Stephen went to college, leaving behind his family's home ( to become a lawyer. Now that's he's studying law at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, he really likes it and is glad he'll someday be a lawyer. When I finished college, I move to Austin to be closer to Stephen, who has decided to work at a law firm there.

    Stephen and I date for about two years before we start talking about getting married. On Christmas morning, the last present I get from him is a small black box with a diamond ring in it. I immediately say yes! We finally get married about eight months later, in an elaborate cathedral. We move to Sacramento, California, and move into this house: We decide to wait 3 years before we start our family.
    -- Lottie --

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    Eric and I date for one year. On our one year anniversary, Eric cooks a delicious dinner for the two of us in his apartment. At the end of the meal, Eric proposes to me and I say yes! Our wedding has a country southern theme which is fitting since we live in Texas. After my dream wedding, we go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. When we return home we move into our new colonial style house, which is just two streets over from Eric’s old apartment. The house is old so we completely renovate the inside. We’re so busy living our new married life that before we know it, two years has gone by.

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    Me and Theo dated for 18 months before he proposed, He ask me to marry him right in front of everyone I loved and cared for, it was at Remi my brother’s wedding. For the first few minutes I was speechless then out of nowhere I ran at him screaming “YESSSSSS!”

    We had a small wedding on the beach, we only had about 50 people there, it was beautiful and exactly what I had always wanted for a wedding, three days after the wedding we packed up and left for Cinque Terre in Italy for 4 weeks.

    When we got back we rented a small apartment with a friend of ours, around about 8 months after we were married we own our very own house that looked like this:

    We decided to wait about 5 months before having kids so that we could settle in nicely first.

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    DW: Penelope Lilliana James
    DH: Augustine Nicholias Maverick

    Mack & I date for 5 years before he proposes.
    We're both about 27 when we marry.

    Mack is a novelist & therefore often has
    me read stories he writes from plots he can't get
    out of his head. One night, he hands me his
    laptop, & it's open to a story. He looks nervous,
    but I just passed it off as Mack being Mack. The
    story was about characters Alistair & Priscilla. I
    noticed the story was similar to our relationship,
    but continued anyway. When I got to Alistair
    about to propose to Priscilla, the story stopped.
    I looked up to question Mack about it, & found
    him getting down on one knee. He explained:
    "I didn't finish the story, because I thought the
    real life Priscilla & Alistair should write their
    life adventures together. That is, if the real life
    Priscilla wants to be with Alistair forever." Then
    he proposed, & I said yes.

    We married in the garden of my childhood home
    in New York, & honeymooned in London, where
    he grew up. Our best friends, who we met each
    other through, were the maid of honor & best
    man, respectively. My brother, who had raised me
    since I was 2, gave me away.

    After the wedding, we move to Pensylvania, so I
    can work at the FBI field office in Pittsburgh.
    Our house:

    We wait 3 years to have kids, because I want
    to have had a little background the FBI before
    I have kids, even though Mack will stay home
    with them.
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    How long do you and DH date for? 1 Year

    How does DH propose? We take a vacation to my grandparents beach house on the way we stop at a lake to have lunch. I open the Ice chest and there is a ring sitting on the ice with a note that say "Marry Me? "

    What kind of wedding do you have? We have a small family gathering on a beach in Hawaii

    Where do you go for your honeymoon? We go to Athens, Greece

    Where do you move to after your wedding? Spokane, Washington

    For this next part, use this dice: ttp://

    You and DH buy a house together after 5 months of marriage. What does it look like? .

    How many months/years do you and DH wait before you start having kids? 2 Years

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