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    Quick Pokemon Game

    Okay, so you're a Pokemon trainer! Let's find out all about you and your wonderful pokemon!

    Use the D6 and D8 found on this website (you will need this website later):

    Your First Name:
    Mythological -
    Literary -

    Mythological -
    Literary -

    Your Last Name -

    1. Blue
    2. Brown
    3. Orange
    4. Hazel
    5. Green
    6. Purple

    1. Black
    2. Turqoise
    3. Brown
    4. Red
    5. Orange
    6. Violet

    Your Hometown:
    1. Pallet Town
    2. Littleroot Town
    3. Aspertia City
    4. Vaniville Town
    5. Twinleaf Town
    6. New Bark Town

    The Career You Want:
    1. Pokemon Healer
    2. Pokemon Master
    3. Gym Trainer
    4. Pokemon Breeder
    5. Specialty Trainer
    6. Regular Trainer
    7. Police Officer
    8. Professor

    # of pokemon you have (roll the D6)

    Roll for gender of pokemon (evens - male, odds - female)
    Roll for the pokemon (go this this site: and use the custom die option and type in 150 in the first box.
    Use that # and look up the type of pokemon on this website: If more than one listing for that #, use the first listed.)

    Do you want to give your pet a name or a nickname? Feel free to give them one!

    Your Arch Nemesis
    Roll to see if male (evens) or female (odds)

    First Name
    Bad -
    Cool/Unusual -

    Bad -
    Cool/Unusual -

    Last Name (use list given for "your last name" section)

    Roll for their looks.
    Your Arch-Nemesis comes from the same hometown as you.
    Roll for their future profession.
    Roll for their pokemon, give them nicknames if you wish.

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    My name: Calliope Ichiro
    Red hair, green eyes
    Hometown: Pallet Town
    Future Career: Professor

    Ivysaur, male
    Krabby, male
    Gastly, female
    Aerodactyl, male

    Arch Nemesis: Scarlett Amaya
    Black hair, brown eyes
    Hometown: Pallet Town
    Future Career: Gym Trainer

    Slowpoke, male
    Electrode, male
    Parasect, male
    Wartortle, female

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    Althea Midori
    Brown eyes, turquoise hair
    From New Bark Town
    Wants to be a regular trainer

    Golem - female
    Pinsir - female
    Machop - male
    Seaking - male
    Kabuto - male
    Machamp - male


    Rhett Haruki
    Orange eyes, red hair
    From New Bark Town
    Wants to be a police officer

    Butterfree - female
    Venusaur - male
    Kabutops - male
    Zubat - male
    Alakazam - male
    Doduo - male

    (I love Pokemon so much.)
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    Name: Minerva Leda Keiko "Mino"
    Eyes & Hair: Hazel eyes and orange (ginger) hair
    Hometown: Vaniville Town
    Career: Pokémon Healer

    No of Pokémon: 3

    Venomoth, male - Vincent "Vinny" [Lv 31]
    Goldeen, male - Eugene "Gene" [Lv 29]
    Krabby, female - Kimberly "Kimi" [Lv 27]


    Arch Nemesis

    Name: Clio Gray Yuki
    Eyes & Hair: Orange eyes and violet hair
    Hometown: Vaniville Town
    Career: Professor

    No of Pokémon: 3

    Golduck, female - Goldie [Lv 33]
    Snorlax, female - Sana [Lv 30]
    Caterpie, female - Catalina "Cattie" [Lv 5]
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Name: Ariadne Mitchiko
    Eyes: Purple
    Hair: Orange
    Hometown: Aspertia City
    Career: Pokemon Healer
    Number of Pokemon: 2
    Pokemon #1 (f): Weepinbell
    Pokemon #2 (f): Tangela

    Arch enemy: Hurricane Saiji
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Violet
    Hometown: Aspertia City
    Career: Specialty Trainer
    Number of Pokemon: 5
    Pokemon #1(m): Tentacruel
    Pokemon #2 (m): Nidoran
    Pokemon #3 (f): Doduo
    Pokemon #4 (f): Pinsir
    Pokemon #5 (f): Squirtle

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