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    Complex Multi-Gen Initials CAF

    Grandpa 92 bvt and his first wife 90 cdt (l)

    -son 70 frt & his first wife 68 leet (g)

    --son 45 kct & his wife 38 ndt (h)
    ---daughter 17 zat
    ---daughter 14 mrt

    --son 43 dqt & his wife 40 cpt (y)
    ---son 18 jbt

    -son 70 frt & his current wife 66 ikt (w)
    --her son from before 46 apm & his wife 43 jjm (s)
    ---twin daughters 21 svm & rem

    --her son from before 40 sxm & his husband 32 kcm (r)
    ---adopted son 9 ddmr

    --their daughter 37 elz (t) & her husband 40 ggz
    ---son 14 psz
    ---son 11 orz
    ---daughter 7 flz
    -daughter 68 jxg (t) & her first husband 69 nce
    --son 43 wre & his wife 39 kve (c)
    ---daughter 18 oze
    ---daughter 13 kse

    -daughter 68 jxg (t) & her current husband 65 wrg
    --his daughter from before 46 ewc (g) & her husband 51 ogc
    ---son 22 eig & his girlfriend 19 rjl
    ----expected son 6 months in utero csl

    --daughter 68 jxg (t) & husband 65 wrg’s children::
    --first twin daughter 40 plv (g) & her husband 41 tsv
    ---daughter 17 aov
    ---son 14 blv

    --second twin daughter 40 plg & her boyfriend 44 ztt
    ---his son from before 23 hkt & his wife 20 lit (n)
    ----daughter 2 dst
    ---their daughter together 18 cbwt
    -daughter 66 lbs (t) & her first husband 70 mdr
    --no children

    -daughter 66 lbs (t) & her current husband (deceased) 68 jms
    --daughter 42 gkm (s) & her husband 45 wpm
    ---son 21 lym
    ---son 17 xkm

    --daughter 39 atd (s) & her husband 37 kod
    ---son 16 vgd
    ---twin daughter 11 hcd
    ---twin daughter 11 jnd
    grandpa 92 bvt and his second wife 87 lot (h)
    -daughter 63 mnt & her wife 60 ccg
    --adopted daughter 37 dan (t-g) & her husband 39 icn
    ---son 13 bqn
    ---daughter 10 ygn
    grandpa 92 bvt and grandma 82, his third wife, kft (e)
    -first twin son 60 rft & his first wife 58 zgt (q)
    --daughter 35 dbh (t) & her husband 38 smh
    ---daughter 14 eljh

    -first twin son (dad) 60 rft & his current wife (mom) 54 jjt (p)
    --son 30 (me) pft & my girlfriend 27 alj
    ---daughter 7 gbj
    ---twin son 4 nrj
    ---twin son 4 nrj

    -second twin son 60 rct never married

    -daughter 55 rew (t) & her first husband 60 ipb
    --son 32 ejb & his wife 30 ktb (a)
    ---daughter 4 vjb

    --daughter 29 arv (b) & her husband 29 lgv
    ---son & daughter twins 6 dtv & sjv

    --son 25 hhb not married/no children
    -daughter 55 rew (t) & her current husband 55 skw
    --daughter 20 lgew not married/no children
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    My grandpa Bram Vander Travis had three wives and an onslaught of children & grandchildren. With his first wife, who has recently turned 90 and is still a friend of the family (the lovely Calpurnia Dellarose Travis (Lacey)) he was blessed with three children Franz Robert, Jacinta Xena, & Layla Brette

    Grandpa’s eldest son is my uncle Franz Robert Travis. He, too, had more than one marriage. His first is to aunt Leigh Ellen Everett Travis (Greeley). Together with Leigh, Uncle Franz had two sons named Kessler Cole and Donovan Quaid.
    [Franz & Leigh plus Kess & Donnie]

    Kessler is married to his wife Naomi Danielle Travis (Hellman) and the two have 17 year old Zoie Aileen and 14 year old Mya Raven.
    [[Kess & Naomi plus Zoie & Mya]]

    Donnie is married to Cadence Paige Travis (Young) and they have an 18 year old son named Jersey Bryce
    [[Donnie & Cade plus Jersey]]

    Franz then married his current wife Ivory Kendra Travis (Wilco). Ivory had two sons from before marrying Franz whose names are Abram Penn and Silas Xander Murphy. With Franz, she then had their daughter Elizabella Lydia
    [Franz & Ivory plus Abe, Silas, and Liza]

    Abe and his wife Jolene Jera Murphy (Sternham) have 21 year old twin daughters Shaylin Vega and Roshalyn Everly Murphy.
    [[Abe & Jolie plus Shay & Roshy]]

    Silas & his husband Kimball Casey Murphy (Rollins) have an adopted son, age 9, named Demitri Davis Murphy Rollins
    [[Silas & Kimball plus Demitri]]

    Liza & her husband Griffin Goethe Zichter have three children, a son named Phineas Shea, a son named Orson Royce, and a daughter named Felicity Lauren
    [[Liza & Griff plus Phin, Orson, and Lissy]]
    My aunt Jacinta Xena is Grandpa’s next child with Cal. Jaci has been married twice. Her first husband, Nolan Cramer Eades gave her one son named Willem Radnor.

    [Jaci & Nolan plus Will]
    Willem and his wife Kessia Veronica Eades (Calhoun) have two daughters named Olivie Zia and Kacelyn Sage
    [[Will & Kessy plus Liv & Kacey]]

    Jaci then married her current husband Warren Richter Goldberg. They now raise his daughter from a previous marriage named Evelyn Wren as well as their twin daughters Paz Louella and Pia Lucille

    [Jaci & Warren plus Evie, Paz & Pia]
    Evie and her husband Oliver Grey Christensen have a son named Edmond Isley
    [[Evie & Oliver plus Eddie]] AND Eddie and his girlfriend Ramona Jade Lewis have a son coming in 3 months or so whose name is to be Corbin Sullivan Lewis
    [[[Eddie & Mona plus Corbin]]]

    Paz & her husband Tripp Shannahan Vinson have a 17 year old daughter named Astrid Osanna and a 14 year old son named Blaine Levi
    [[Paz & Tripp plus Astrid & Blaine]]

    Pia & her boyfriend Zeke Tyler Truman have his son from before Harvey Kieffer and their daughter together Colleen Bailey Winter

    [[Pia & Zeke plus Harvey & Colleen]]

    Harvey & his wife Lucille Ivy Truman (Niel) have a 2 year old daughter named Daley Shyanne Truman
    [[[Harvey & Lucie plus Daley]]]
    My aunt Layla Brette married her first husband, Mordecai Daniel Remus and the two never had children
    [Layla & Mordy]

    Then, Layla married her current husband, who is deceased now, Jameson Michael Stroyls. The two have 2 daughters whose names are Gwyneth Kimber and Anabella Tacey
    [Layla & James plus Gwen & Bella]

    Gwen Kimber Matthews (Stroyls) is married to Winchester Parker Matthews and the two have sons named Leland Yardley and Xavier Kim.

    [[Gwen & Chess plus Lee & Xavier]]

    Bella Tacey Douglass and her husband Kaleb Ogden Douglass have three children – Virgil Gunnar, Halsey Claire, and Josephina Noelle
    [[Bella & Kaleb plus Virgil, Hal, and Josey]]
    Grandpa then married his second wife Laurelie Ottila Travis (Hunt) and they had one daughter NAMED Marcella Natalia
    [Bram & Laur plus Marci]

    Marci has a wife named Coretta Cecily Gladville and the two have an adopted daughter named Darcy Ava.
    [[Marci & Corie plus Darcy]]

    Darcy married her husband Ivan Christophe Newman and the two have a 13 year old son Byron Quincy and a 10 year old daughter Yasmin Gabrie
    [[[Darcy & Ivan plus Byron & Yaz]]]
    Then Grandpa Bram finally met my grandma Katherine Francine Travis (Elliott) 61 years ago. The two have twin sons named Reuben Flynn and Richmond Conrad, and a daughter named Ruby Elliott.

    [Bram & Kathy plus Reuben, Richie, and Ruby]

    Reuben is my dad. His first wife Zoella Grace Travis (Quimby) was a mean, terrible woman and with her, my dad had a daughter (my half sister) Danette Bristol. She is married to Scott Milo Horan and they have a daughter named Erica Leia Jane
    [[Reuben & Zoella plus Dani]]
    [[[Dani & Scott plus Erica]]]

    Then my dad met my mom, Juliette Joy Travis (Phillips) and they had me, Phillip Fletcher Travis. I have a girlfriend named Aurora Luxe Johnson and we have three children, Giada Bray, Noble Roman, and Newton River
    [[Reuben & Juli plus Phil]]
    [[[Phil & Rory plus Gia, Noble, and Newt]]]

    My dad’s twin, Richie, never married.

    However their sister Ruby did. She had a husband named Isaiah Preston Burgess who was abusive & terrible. Together they had three children named Edric Jasper, Amelie Rose, and Huxley Horace.
    [[Ruby & Isaiah plus EJ, Ama, and Hux]]

    EJ & his wife Kala Tatum Burgess (Alvarez) had a daughter named Vienna Jaylinn Burgess
    [[[EJ & Kala plus Vienna]]]

    Ama & her husband Lucas Graham Vandervere have twins named Dutton Tucker and Soleia Jude
    [[[Ama & Luke plus Dutton & Soli]]]

    Hux is without children or a wife at this time.

    Aunt Ruby has since married the prestigious judge, honorable Sherman Keith White. They have a 20 year old daughter named Lynnette Gemma Ellen White who is not yet married or with children.
    [[Ruby & Sherman plus Lynn]]
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    DH: Barnaby Virgil Thackeray (92)
    EXDW: Cosima Dorothy Thackeray (Lawrence) (90)
    -DS: Felix Roman Thackeray 70
    -DD: Juliet Xanthe Granger (68) (Jett)
    -DD: Lavinia Beatrix Snow (66)

    EXDW: Louisa Octavia Thackeray (87) (Harlow)
    -DD: Magnolia Niamh Thackeray (63)

    DW: Kara Florence Thackeray (82) (Ellis)
    -DS/DS: Rupert Frederick Thackeray and Raphael Clarence Thackeray (60)
    -DD: Rowena Eliza Wilde (55)
    -DS: Felix Roman Thackeray (70)
    exDW: Lila Emilia Edith Thackeray (68) (Graeme)

    --DS: Killian Cosmo Thackeray (45)
    ---DW: Nicole Daisy Thackeray (38) (Hawthorne)
    ---DD: Zelda Annabel Thackeray (17)
    ---DD: Matilda Rosalie Thackeray (14)

    --DS: Declan Quincy Thackeray (43)
    ---DW: Clementine Persephone Thackeray (40) (Young) (Cleo)
    ---DS: Jasper Benjamin Thackeray (18)

    -DW: Imogen Kerensa Thackeray (66) (Wilder)

    --DSS: August Penn McAllister (46) (Gus)
    --DW: Juniper Jolene McAllister (43) (Sinclair) (Juno)
    ---DD/DD: Sage Verity McAllister & Ruby Eloise McAllister (21)

    --DSS: Simon Xanthus McAllister (40)
    --DH: Keir Christopher McAllister (32) (Riddle)
    ---ADS: Dominic Dorian McAllister Riddle (9) (Nico)

    --DD: Esmeralda Lucretia Zeller (37) (Thackeray) (Esme)
    --DH: Galen Griffin Zeller (40)
    ---DS: Perseus Solomon Zeller (14) (Percy)
    ---DS: Oscar Ronan Zeller (11)
    ---DD: Freya Lorelei Zeller (7)
    -DD: Juliet Xanthe Granger (68) (Thackeray) (Jett)
    -EXDH: Neville Cormac Evans (69)

    --DS: Willoughby Rufus Evans (43)
    ---DW: Kaia Valentina Evans (39) (c)
    ---DD: Ottoline Zoe Evans (18)
    ---DD: Keturah Sophia Evans (13)

    -DH: Warren Richard Granger (65)

    --DSD: Elizabeth Winifred Churchill (46) (Granger) (Libby)
    ---DH: Olivier Graham Churchill (51)
    ---DS: Ezekiel Isaac Granger (22) (Zeke)
    ----GF: Rose Jeanne Lockhart (19)
    ----DS: Caspian Soren Lockhart (exp.)

    --DD: Philippa Laurel Virgo (40) (Granger) (Pippa)
    ---DH: Theodore Sidney Virgo (41) (Teddy)
    ---DD: Adelaide Opal Virgo (17) (Lady)
    ---DS: Beckett Ludovic Virgo (14) (Beck)

    --DD: Pearl Lavender Granger (40)
    ---BF: Zebedee Tiberius Thorne (44)
    ---DSS: Holden Keegan Thorne (23)
    ----DW: Leona Iris Thorne (20) (Nightingale)
    ----DD: Daphne Simone Thorne (2)
    ---DD: Cressida Blythe Willow Thorne (18)
    -DD: Lavinia Beatrix Snow (66) (Thackeray)
    -EXDH: Montgomery Deacon Reed (70) (Monty)

    -DH: James Moses Snow (deceased) (Jem)

    --DD: Georgiana Keira McGonagall (42) (Snow) (Georgie)
    ---DH: Walter Percival McGonagall (45)
    ---DS: Leander York McGonagall (21)
    ---DS: Xavier Kiernan McGonagall (17)

    --DD: Arabella Theodora Devereux (39) (Snow)
    ---DH: Kai Otto Devereux (37)
    ---DS: Vale Gideon Devereux (16)
    ---DD/DD: Hazel Calliope Devereux and Jessamine Norah Devereux (11)
    -DD: Magnolia Niamh T (63)
    -DW: Cassia Clara Gold (60)
    --ADD: Dominica Aurelia North (37) (Thackeray -Gold) (Nika)
    --DH: Indiana Cecil North (39) (Indy)
    ---DS: Brooks Quentin North (13)
    ---DD: Yelena Giselle North (10) (Lena)
    -DS: Rupert Frederick Thackeray (60)
    -EXDW: Zara Ginerva Thackeray (58) (Quinn)
    --DD: Delphine Beatrice Hemingway (35) (Thackeray) (Della)
    ---DH: Sebastian Malachi Hemingway (38)
    ---DD: Evangeline Lilac Jolie Hemingway (14)
    -DW: Josephine Jasmine Thackeray (54) (Potter)
    --DS: Phineas Ferdinand Thackeray (30)
    ---GF: Aurora Louise Jameson (27) (Rory)
    ---DD: Gemma Briar Jameson (7)
    ---DS/DS: Nicholas Rowan Jameson and Nathaniel Rhys Jameson (4) (Nat)
    -DS: Raphael Clarence Thackeray (60)
    -DD: Rowena Eliza Wilde (55) (Thackeray)
    -EXDH: Ira Phillip Black (60)

    --DS: Edmund Jupiter Black (32)
    ---DW: Kathleen Tallulah Black (30) (Augustine) (Lena)
    ---DD: Vada Johanna Black (4)

    --DD: Araminta Ravenna Vaughn (29) (Black)
    ---DH: Lachlan George Vaughn (29)
    ---DS/DD: Dashiell Tobias Vaughn and Seraphina Jane Vaughn (6) (Dash)

    --DS: Hugo Humphrey Black (25)

    -DH: Samson Kelly Wilde (55)

    --DD: Lyra Genevieve Emmeline Wilde (20)

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