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    Alternate long forms for Rory, Trudy, and Lottie?

    I love the following nicknames -- Rory, Trudy, and Lottie. I'm not wild about the long forms Lorelai, Gertrude, and Charlotte though. Other ideas for getting to Rory, Trudy or Lottie?

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    I've only heard Rory as a nickname for Aurora on girls. Can't think of any other long form for Trudy but maybe Carlotta for Lottie?

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    I second the suggestion for Aurora nn Rory. I've only heard Rory as a nickname for Lorelei on Gilmore Girls

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    Ottolie or Ottoline for Lottie. Maybe Alora or Leora/Liora for Rory?

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    Aside from Aurora, which is the most logical way to get to Rory (like pp said, I've never heard it for Lorelei outside of GG) there are a few others I've heard IRL that are slight stretches: Aurelia, Cordelia & Victoria.

    For Lottie...maybe Loretta? I can't think of any for Trudy.

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