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    Surname: Watson

    Your Name: Geneva Vivian Watson
    Your DH's Name: Rupert William Watson

    Your Age:

    7. 43

    DH's Age:

    8. 46

    Your Height:

    9. 5'7"

    DH's Height:
    1. 5'7"

    Your Job:

    3. Event Planner

    DH's Job:

    4. Doctor


    9. Miami, Florida


    3. Two girls

    Children's Names (fn and mn; theme applies to all children):
    1. Unisex names: Quinn Elizabeth and Robin Haley

    Children's Ages (roll the dice once for each child):

    8. 11

    10. 13

    Adopted Child (additional to the above children; name of your choice):

    7. Egypt, 9, girl

    Dog Breed (name of your choice):

    3. Bichon Frise: Cupcake


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    LN: Hutcherson

    Me: Audrey Anne, 43, 5'3", book publisher
    Him: Eric Andrew, 41, 5'9", police officer

    Hometown: Miami, FL

    DS: Jordan Phoenix (14)
    DS: Chad Surrey (10)
    DAS: David Quebec (9)
    DS: Mason Whitechapel (7)

    Bichon Frise: Lyons
    -- Lottie --

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    Surname: Hemsworth

    Your Name: Jorrian Rachelle Hemsworth
    Your DH's Name: Nicholas Ray Hemsworth

    Your Age: 37

    DH's Age: 43

    Your Height: 5'2"

    DH's Height: 6'1"

    Your Job: Nurse

    DH's Job: Lawyer

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Children: Two boys, Two girls

    Children's Names:
    Cedric George Hamsworth
    Gideon Dean Hemsworth
    Emmeline Gabrielle Hemsworth
    Ginevra Hannah Hemsworth

    Children's Ages:
    Gideon is 14
    Cedric and Ginevra are 7
    Emmeline is 6

    Adopted Child: (8 year old girl from Thailand)
    Lela Grace

    Dog Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
    Named: Franklin

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    The Cruise family!
    Me: Freya
    Him: Rory

    My job: Novelist (what I wanted!)
    His job: Doctor

    We live in Miami, Florida

    We have three biological boys (FN Place names, MN Bible names) and one nine-year-old boy adopted from Haiti
    Nile Asher, age 13
    Israel Levi, age 13
    Rome Elijah, age 11
    Cairo Isaiah, age 9 (adopted)

    Dog: Boston Terrier, named: Mr. Darcy

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    Lexington, KY
    The Deschanel Family

    Patricia Ann, 38, 5'3", Interior Designer
    Ian Keith, 46, 5'9", Novelist

    They live in Phoenix, Arizona with their children and dog:

    Olympia Valentine, 9
    Rafferty Edgar, 9, adopted from Haiti
    Clemence Magnolia, 7

    Molly, an Irish Setter
    new username @finch

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